Cat lovers are in for a spiritual surprise.

Spiritual enlightenment cannot possibly be reserved only for humans. Cats are coming together in this temple called Nyan Nyan Ji which fittingly translates to Meow Meow Shrine and it is located in Kyoto.

Nyan Nyan Ji is everything you would expect in a traditional temple but it’s expanded to include the cats we adore. The architecture, holy statues, and paintings in the building reflect the cat theme. This sacred animal space was created by a painter named Toru Kaya in 2016.

Take a peek inside the temple (yunhomania)

This space would be incomplete without the furry monks and assistants who ensure that the prayers run smoothly. Koyuki is the head monk with a grumpy face. Do not be fooled by the grumpy vibes she gives off. She does her job diligently and willingly spends her time in the shrine engaging with her followers. Along with Koyuki, there are six other cats working at this temple who serve as assistants.

Koyuki, the female cat monk, achieving that Zen state of mind (nekojizo)

This shrine provides a peaceful place to pray, but it does not stop there. Nyan Nyan Ji treats their hungry worshippers to a cat-themed cafe.

A dessert platter (yunhomania)

People are invited to view the cat paintings on the walls and shop for souvenirs at a store on site.

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Nyan Nyan Ji reveals a fun side to spirituality and as you can tell by the images, the beauty of the place lies in its details and the furry animals that make the place unique. Next time you plan a trip to Japan, consider adding this spot to your travel itinerary. It sounds like the purr-fect destination for the spiritual cat lover who can’t get enough of cats.