Why work when you can play dead?

Working is not always a pleasant experience that we jump out of bed excited to do. Many of us dread Monday morning beginning with the undesirable alarm notification that buzzes way earlier than we would like. Without a better option in mind to pay the bills, we reluctantly drag ourselves to work with a coffee in our hands.

Horses are no different from how we feel and they can also be lazy creatures looking for the best excuse to skip work. The only distinguishing factor is how they behave based on their feelings. This one-horse named Jingang plotted a dramatic way to put an end to working.

Jingang figured that you can only ride a horse when it’s standing still. What if it just toppled over in an exaggerated way that would fool people into thinking that it’s dead or injured? For starters, that would save the horse from having to do some heavy lifting. Ain’t nobody got time to move.

There were some persistent riders who wanted to take the horse for a stroll. Unfortunately for them, this horse was not down for the trip. His version of being down was the literal translation.

You can’t blame the charming horse. Food and sleep are the greatest pleasures in life. There is even more pleasure involved when you can enjoy the food without having to break a sweat.

People were amused by the horse’s trick that displayed his playful nature. His mischievous prank has got thousands of people chuckling.

Here’s a valuable tip for you from the sluggish yet clever horse. Don’t waste those sick days anymore instead just play dead and freak out your employer. You might not need to work another day and you could enjoy horsing around too.

Live the lazy good life because this right here has to be goals.