No language barriers exist for her.

Let’s face it. As much as we adore our dogs, we are clueless as to what goes on inside their heads. Misunderstandings are bound to happen. For all we know, our dogs may be craving that tuna sandwich while we think they want to exercise and we end up dragging them on that long walk. In the end, the dog is starving while thinking what an idiot their owners are.

It would be so much easier if our dogs can just spit out words so we don’t have to decode their doggy facial expressions. Even though this seems a little far fetched, one dog does just that.

Stella, the 18-month-old dog, is able to express her thoughts with the help of her owner, Christina Hunger, who is a speech-language pathologist. Hunger created a soundboard with buttons where each button represents a word and the board has been programmed to include recordings of the words.

For instance, through this device, Stella is able to communicate when she’s hungry, tired or wants to head outside. She has gotten more comfortable using this soundboard and pressing the buttons have become automatic for her. She can use the device when she’s bored, calm, and even frantic.

We understand that you may be skeptical of whether or not this dog truly understands what she’s pressing or her paws are just dancing around. We do believe she understands the meaning behind the 29 words that she’s learned based on the way she communicates. When Hunger accidentally stepped on the “ball” button, Stella got her the ball and tapped the “good” button.

Stella is also able to string together different combinations of words when Hunger doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say. Check out this video of Stella trying to get her owner outside. Stella goes a step further and she is able to get specific with where she wants to go like the park.

Learning to talk can be a wonderful thing, but what happens when the dog starts talking back to you? You laugh it off and appreciate the dog’s smart ass. When Hunger said “Stella all done eat”, she responded with a “no” and made her way over to grab some more food.

We sure do love you, Stella. Even when you are sassy.

This board needs to develop more buttons with greater food selection.

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