This thief is worth remembering.

For over a month, the Australian War Memorial noticed poppies were disappearing from a soldier’s grave.

It wasn’t a strong wind that blew these poppies away. To the staff’s surprise, it turned out to be a pigeon that was robbing these poppies.

The pigeon had been carrying the fake flowers to build a nest that was later found by the stained glass window at the war memorial. It was built in time for the Remembrance Day ceremonies that took place on November 11th.

Maybe the pigeon was creating its own memorial for its ancestors that served.

Pigeons hold an important place throughout history and they served as military messengers during the warfare. During times of difficult communication, the pigeons were able to carry messages at a relatively high speed.

Their role in warfare was not restricted to delivering messages. They also served as spies and delivered bombs.

These animals aided in rescuing people and 32 pigeons were awarded the Dickin Medal which is the most prestigious award any animal can receive in recognition for their service in the military.

With this in mind, the bright red nest carries a deep symbolic meaning. It showcases the beautiful bond between the soldiers and the animals that served.

Pigeons have shared in our battles, and fallen with our fallen. We excuse this sly bird for its innocent crime and appreciate it’s beautiful home it has created for itself. A home created by the sacrifices of both our heros.