This is one turkey to be thankful for, without the stuffing.

A driver in California was sparred from a traffic ticket, thanks to the disruptive heroics of a local turkey.

Bodycam footage posted on Facebook shows a Livermore police officer approach a white Camaro after he’s been pulled over for speeding.

After receiving the drivers’ license and registration, the officer returns to his bike to issue the citation. Suddenly, a wild turkey appears.

It’s No Ticket Turkey, and he’s very upset. How dare this officer spoil his precious holiday.

The turkey first takes a diplomatic approach, appearing to communicate with the officer why he should cease issuing a ticket and return the driver his documents. When his clucking fails to yield results, he moves into the offensive.

The turkey quickly circles around the back of the bike before laying chase to the officer who is now in a frantic back-peddle around the Camaro. In a daring leap, the turkey attempts a flying kick but mistimes it. The officers evade by quickly shifting behind the Camaro.

Knowing his odds are against him, the officer whips out his baton to scare the turkey away, but No Ticket Turkey is no punk. He’s seen things the officer couldn’t imagine. It takes more than a metal rod to make this turkey run for the hills.

Admitting defeat, the officer returns the driver his license and registration, et which point we assume the turkey finally ease off.

However, the turkey isn’t done. The turkey remains on guard, ensuring the officer doesn’t return to the car. Only when the officer mounts his bike does the turkey finally retire from the situation, allowing the officer to depart the scene unscathed.

While the officer claims the turkey is vicious, we are sure the citizens of the area prefer to use the word valiant. After all, not all heroes wear capes; some wear feathers.

We wonder if the turkeys’ heroics will earn it a presidential pardon?


We've all heard the song, "Friends in Low Places". Well this week, this driver deployed the "No Ticket Turkey."Things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving:- Having friends in low places like the "No Ticket Turkey"!!!!!

Posted by Livermore Police Department on Wednesday, November 27, 2019