He was such a good boy they couldn’t keep him.

Michael Parker and his English Setter, named Soup, were out to hunt quails on what seemed to be a casual Saturday morning. The two were having fun and sharpening their skills until Soup suddenly wandered off to chase a scent.

His owner believed that Soup smelled a deer and would be back shortly, but he was wrong. Soup did not return, even as Michael hopelessly called out his name.

Three-year-old Soup, the English Setter who suddenly disappeared. (Sourced from WJHL)

After informing everyone they could think of, Michael Parker and his wife, Leigh Goyer Parker, spent days looking for their dog, to no avail. Their spirits were crushed when the couple noticed a flock of buzzards flying around the woods.

They feared the worst as they approached the bird’s location. Were they having a feast of their beloved companion? They courageously decided to check if their suspicions were true. To their delight, it was not Soup. Unfortunately, it was a fallen deer who was the dinner special for the buzzards that night.

When all seemed lost

A week passed without any news and the couple was just about ready to accept that their good boy was gone for good until they received a random call from the unlikeliest of places…a prison.

Charles Brooks, the guard who called the family, told them that a dog that looked just like the pictures that the family put-up all-over town made its way into the Kilby Correctional Facility.  Apparently, Soup’s tag was lost while he was wandering around the woods, so no one knew his name nor his emergency contacts.

Michael, worried about his dog’s well-being, wanted to rush to the facility immediately to pick him. Charles sympathetically mentioned to Parker that the inmates would appreciate a few days to say good-bye. Parker did not really get what was going on until later when he found out what kind of life his dog had been living within the facility.

According to Charles, Soup was welcomed with open arms by everyone, fooling around with the K-9’s at the facility, and even playing basketball with the inmates. He was also well-fed by the inmates who cared for him and were letting him have a part of their meals.

Michael and Charles arranged a meet-up at a local spot so that Soup could finally go back home after his runaway adventure. Charles thought Soup would be a bit hesitant to go home as he loved his time in the facility. The two were literally inseparable for the last 3 days they were together.

Soup reunited with his family (Sourced from WSAV-TV)

Despite their instant connection, Soup already had a home in his heart. As soon as Michael whistled for Soup, the young canine ran straight to him and jumped all over him. Parker could not hold his tears of joy and relief and took a couple of minutes to re-bond with his dog.

Charles added in a joking manner, “You absolutely knew that it was his dog. Me and the dog were inseparable for three days, and he wouldn’t even come to me when that man pulled up.”

According to Parker’s wife, Leigh, Soup was acting a bit depressed on his first day back home but went back to normal the very next day. The couple is also planning to take their dog to visit the facility again so that he can keep up with his new friends!