A new look that leaves the owner unable to identify their dog.

I’m sure we’ve all had a day where we went to get that much-needed haircut. After diligently selecting a hairstylist and requesting a small trim, they somehow managed to cut a large portion of your hair off.

I know, horrific times. That is an unpleasant memory of how a hairstylist can ruin your life faster than any one person ever could and congratulations, you paid them for that tragedy.

In this particular story, we have a seven-year-old Samoyed dog, named Nanuk, who can relate to a haircut gone wrong.

Nanuk’s long coat was trimmed down when his owner, Carley Coca, to him to the local dog groomer. Coca had booked the appointment for a small trim, but upon returning at the end of the appointment, she discovered her dog completely bald.

At first, it took her a while to even recognize that was her dog. After seeing her dog, she exclaimed: “That’s not my dog”. The dog groomer had to reassure her that the bald creature in front of her was indeed her dog. She called his name to double-check and to her surprise, that was Nanuk.

We can’t blame her because he does appear to look like an entirely different breed. Samoyed dogs are distinguished for their long beautiful coat and after the grooming, Nanuk appeared to look more like a Bull Terrier than a Samoyed.

The dog groomer was proud of his work and Nanuk was a happy customer enjoying his final look. Unfortunately, his owner could not say the same. Coca had to take extra care in protecting Nanuk’s coat from the weather. It was a lengthy process for his hair to finally grow back and during this time, she had to start applying sunscreen in the summer.

Image Credits: Caters News Agency

Let’s attempt to look at the silver lining in this situation. They have a dog that still looks beautiful and after the groomer had a bit too much fun with the scissors, he shedded significantly less than before. Besides, the hair did grow back. It always does, but funny memories, those actually last.

Despite the fact that Nanuk was rocking his new look, it’s a given that he will not be returning to that same dog groomer. That’s not too surprising, you live and you learn especially after going bald.