These squirrels are in for an exclusive feast.

Gone are the days where hungry squirrels are subject to our unwanted leftovers.

A restaurant located in Lexington, Kentucky called GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos offers a wide selection of mouth-watering burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Their comprehensive menu of food and drinks ensures that their customers’ cravings are satisfied

What sets this restaurant apart from many of the other burrito joints is their clientele. This place doesn’t just satisfy the taste buds of Americans. It expands the facilities to feed squirrels which makes it the first restaurant in the world that treats squirrels.

This innovative extension, SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos, closely mimics the architecture of the existing restaurant. The logo was also modified to appeal to the target audience and the creativity lies in the buckteeth that fittingly represents the squirrels.

Apart from its unique branding, this joint offers the wandering rodents a one of a kind menu. There are organic and vegan options available.

These food items are prepared by a group of animal lovers who take extra care in ensuring that the food tastes great. After all, they can’t afford to disappoint their hangry squirrels.

Wade Hancock and Sara Wood preparing the burritos
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There was an opening ceremony that involved ribbon-cutting and it marked the beginning of a new line of business. All of the customers were welcome to attend.

They had a curious customer stop by during the first day. This squirrel made its way over to the quesadilla and frankly, he can’t go wrong with any of the food options. It’s way better than scrambling through the trash.

SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos gained one happy customer and judging by the smile on his face, he might be a repeat one!