As they say, firsts the worst, seconds the best.

More often than we like, we all feel like we hit rock bottom but eventually, we always find a way to bounce back on our feet. Sadly, this brave dog had no way of getting back on her feet by herself after her legs were shattered into pieces…

She was beaten until she lost consciousness and was tied to a lamppost in Cyprus. She was counting down her days left in this world that had been so cruel to her.

But before that happened, she was found by the heroic members of D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus.

D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus is a charity based in Cyprus that aims to find abused and abandoned pets and find them new homes.

Cyprus has a long history of animal abuse, where way too many strays are beaten and left in the streets to die every day. They even have an organization to save these animals and find them new homes, and even get them off the island, in some cases.

From 0 to hero

After D.O.G. members found Cher clinging to life, they gave her a second chance in life. They took her in, fed her well and posted her pictures on their Facebook page in hopes of attracting a sponsor. Cher was probably super confused as all she had experience with humans had been cruelty until that point.

Soon after, Hayley Leece, a hotel manager from the United Kingdom, saw the pictures of our hero Cher and just knew that she had to adopt her. She added, “When we first saw photos of Cher online, she looked so broken, you could see the deep sadness in her eyes.”

After debating for some time, Leece decided to go all in to save this cutie and paid for all the costs to move Cher from Cyprus to the United Kingdom. A pet passport, vaccines, you name it!

Obviously, Cher had no idea what she was getting into but her unknown trip to the UK turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to her! Currently, Cher lives in the Lake District and enjoys doing sports, climbing treasure hunting, and just spending time with her new family.

After adopting Cher, Leece also became more proactive in the animal rescuing scene and started running marathons in order to raise money for the very charity that saved her new best friend’s life. Leece remarked, “She’s healthy, happy and full of life and she’s certainly not letting her wonky leg stand in her way!”

Apart from living a sweet life, Cher also got to celebrate her first birthday with her new owner. Since her actual birthdate is not known, Cher celebrates her birthday with Cher the singer on May 20. Isn’t that just the darnedest thing, Cher shares a birthday with Cher!

Her heart-warming story just shows us that no matter how bad we may have it, there is always a way out. Sometimes the help may need may come from others and that is okay. We would not be the most advanced species on Earth without helping each other now, would we?

Animal cruelty is still a crime that goes unnoticed. Even though the laws started to catch up with acts such as PACT, they are still simply not enough as all of them have exceptions for meat industries, accidents and medical researches.

The situation is a lot worse outside of the US. Most countries do not consider animal cruelty a crime and the ones that do just do not charge the offenders. Most people just do not consider that animal cruelty could also lead to cruelty towards people. It is sort of like a gateway drug into something more dangerous.

Let’s all make a New Year’s resolution to treat each other, including our animal friends, with more love and compassion this decade.