This grandma has her priorities straight.

Tang, an elderly woman in China, had an urgent decision to make when her cat was found on a ledge in the balcony that was one floor below her unit. Given her age, Tang was not fit to climb a balcony for a cat rescue mission. What’s the next best option?

As any sane grandma would, she appoints her 7-year-old grandson, Hao Hao, for the job. He was left in her care while his parents were working in another city. Perhaps Tang felt that sometimes you got to risk a life to save another life so she proceeded in tying her grandson to a rope and dangling him down the fifth-floor balcony.

The footage that was captured by the bystanders showed the grandma holding the rope on one end, while the boy was attempting to balance on a small ledge. He managed to put the cat in a bag and then both of them were pulled back to safety by grandma, who was now accompanied by the boy’s uncle.

It’s hard not to wonder why they didn’t make their way around by using the stairs or elevator. For all we know, that option could be too basic for this daredevil grandma.

It’s also questionable how she thought it was wise, at the moment, to voluntold her grandson for the task. Especially considering that there was an uncle present who I believe could have done more than hold onto grandma’s waist.

Even though she might be one reckless grandma, we got to give her credit for the physical strength she displayed in pulling up her grandson. There were two lives at stake and if she had butterfingers, that could have been a disaster.

All’s well that ends well. Grandma got her cat and grandson back. People have something amusing to talk about as it’s not every day where you see a grandma jeopardizing her grandson’s life for her fur baby.

Needless to say, now we all know who grandma’s favorite is and I’m afraid it’s not a human.