Some partnerships are just meant to be.

Losing something can be a dreadful experience overall. It may make you feel like your life is out of control and nothing is in order. And when that something is your beloved pet dog, it’s almost as if life just stands still.

That’s exactly what happened to Monica Mathis. Her dog, Hazel, got loose in 2017 and got herself lost. After hours and days of driving and screaming her dog’s name, Mathis reluctantly gave up. She was forced to accept the sad truth that her precious furry friend was gone forever.

Three years had passed and even though the process of getting over her lost companion was a rough one, Mathis was ready to move on. While browsing through dog adoption Facebook groups to get herself and her 8 children a new best friend when she came across the most adorable beer can.

Of course, these were not ordinary cans. Recently Motorworks partnered up with Shelter Manatee, located in Florida, to come up with an idea to raise awareness and help the good dogs living at the shelter find a forever home.

After doing a double-take, Mathis was left awestruck. To her absolute astonishment, one of these four dogs was Hazel. I mean, what are the odds? After convincing herself and her husband that it was actually Hazel, Mathis contacted the shelter and told them her story.

The shelter asked Mathis to prove her ownership by providing vet records and photographs. After receiving the needed documents, the shelter confirmed that she was, in fact, the real owner of Hazel and immediately began the processes that would lead to the transportation of Hazel to Minnesota.

Overall, the family is over the clouds and also quite confused as they have no idea how Hazel ended up in Florida all the way from Iowa, where Mathis lived when she had Hazel.

Mathis adds “Five minutes after we were talking about getting a dog, I saw that post on Facebook, it was fate. I just don’t know how else to explain the whole scenario.” and also warns everyone about updating the microchip information of their pets. Microchips are quite essential to identify lost pets and updating them with accurate information can make all parties’ lives easier.

Apart from helping a long lost and a forgotten friend get back to her home, Motorworks Brewery is planning to donate all the funds raised to Shelter Manatee in order to help them build a new animal shelter/facility.

The company explains that the four dogs on the cans are just a symbol and remind everyone and Florida residents that there are hundreds of other dogs waiting to be adopted in the shelters.

The cans also feature the stories of each pup and they seem to be working just fine to attract the needed attention.

We have no information about whether Hazel still remembers her family as she will be transferred to Minnesota later this month. But our fingers are crossed for a happy reunion.

In all seriousness, just like how we start feeling a little bit sad once we stop getting enough human interaction, pets also feel abandoned and off. Even though shelters are better than just wandering the streets helplessly, pets staying there look like they know that it is not their home. So, if you are looking to get yourself or a loved one a pet, do consider adopting!