Friendship knows no bounds.

If it weren’t for cute animal friendships, we’re not sure how we can manage. A pigeon that can’t fly and a puppy that can’t walk formed an unexpected bond and it’s just too precious.

Herman the pigeon and Lundy the Chihuahua crossed paths at The Mia Foundation, an animal rescue shelter in New York that specializes in caring for animals with physical and mental disabilities. Founded by Sue Rogers in 2012, the shelter is all about giving pets a strong fighting chance despite their disabilities.

According to Rogers, Herman is unable to fly due to a neurological damage, while Lundy can’t walk because of damage to his spinal cord. No one at the shelter really thought a pigeon and a puppy would hit it off, until they were put together in a dog bed. When Rogers placed them together in the same bed, she wasn’t sure of how they were going to react, so she initially put Lundy on the other side of the dog bed.

The share-a-bed idea proved to be worthwhile because the duo didn’t bother to fight or express any hint of antagonism. They just loved each other right there and then. If only people were that less complicated.

Call it an unlikely partnership but Herman and Lundy didn’t waste much time. From the moment they shared space, they immediately began cuddling. Moments like this are not only a must-see, they’re also worth reliving. Some snapped photos are all here to remind us that true friendship goes beyond species

I see a new friendship blooming ❤️Herman and Lundy 😊

Posted by The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia on Thursday, February 13, 2020

These photos have since gone viral. Now everyone wants to know more about Herman and Lundy and what they’ve been up to, though we already know they’ve been melting people’s hearts recently. Seriously, just look at these two. The kind of sweetness that’s good for you — dopamine-inducing and will leave your blood sugar levels alone.

So, what’s their story?

Herman was found in a car dealership’s parking lot sitting motionless for three days. The pigeon was then brought to the animal rescue shelter where he was given a new chance in life. Rehabilitating Herman was no easy feat. With the help of a mentor involved in wildlife rehab, he recovered but he never really regained his ability to fly.

Lundy, on the other hand, is a puppy who was sent to the shelter after his breeder realized he couldn’t use his back legs. The breeder from South Carolina also couldn’t care for a dog with special care needs. Rogers decided to take her in and bring her to New York. At four weeks old, he just weighed six ounces when he arrived.

Herman is already a permanent resident at the shelter while Lundy’s chance of getting adopted is high, especially now that he’s internet famous. He just needs to get healthy and strong first. But seeing this mutual affection in full bloom, can anyone really have the heart to separate the two