Was he really lost or looking for that cute police dog he saw on his walk?

What does being a good boy really mean? Is it to only restrain oneself from chewing shoes? Chico the dog upped his good (and smart) boy status by knowing where to go when he got himself into a bit of a situation.

After he ran a mile away from home in the middle of the night, he ended up getting lost. But there’s no cause for panic, Chico knows exactly what to do — go to the police. The dog seems to know that when in trouble, you go call the boys in blue.

And just like any good, model citizen, he walked into the station calmly despite his woes, placed his hands on the counter, and reported himself missing by making eye contact and wagging his tail.

That, of course, is a rare sighting of the amusing kind. Police officers were ecstatic to help. It’s not everyday that our most loyal companion asks for dignified assistance via proper channels.

One of the first officers who attended Chico’s needs confirmed the dog’s admirable stance while waiting for his case to be processed. No senseless panic, self-pity, blaming the squirrel or any of that sort. Just casually reporting himself missing while staying chill.

While the cops were working to identify who he belongs to, he also didn’t forget to have fun. Playing fetch with some of the officers, the ambiance in the police station went from stern to “weeeh, it’s game time”.

However, they weren’t able to locate Chico’s owners immediately because he didn’t have a tag. Animal control was then called in to check for a microchip.

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Sensing he needed to wait awhile, Chico became impatient and decided to return home on his own instead. As it turns out, he already knows how. He just wanted to be adorable first and become an internet celebrity.

While dogs have no sense of direction, they can tell when they’re the right path toward home. It’s only human interference that often distracts them from doing so.

The one-year-old pet strolled into the station at 3:30 in the morning while his owner Edward Alvarado was sleeping. Alvarado had no clue Chico was having the time of his life — admiring the stars, smelling the trees, and then getting lost.

Photos of him at the police station have since become viral. Alvarado then informed the station the following day that Chico had indeed returned home. He only learned of his pet’s late night escapade when his nephew saw pictures of Chico on social media.

We already know how dogs have the ability to learn, think, and even solve problems. Chico’s police station exploit and him eventually finding his way home is a solid manifestation of such abilities.

So, to sum up everything that had transpired here — Chico, good dog, got bored, went out, got lost, asked for help, super cute, insta famous.