Even dogs can be underdogs.

Everyone enjoys a good underdog story. Rocky, The Karate Kid, Invincible all taught valuable lessons.

If you hit the rock bottom, it means that you can only go up. Unless you decide on circling around but let’s not do that now.

It may be hard to notice but there thousands of underdogs around us everyday. Even actual dogs, all of them that are currently stuck in shelters probably think that they have hit the lowest of lows.

Who can blame them? Getting abandoned by your best friend in the world or simply getting lost never to be found again can definitely crush a soul. Even if they get adopted, it takes them a while to get used to a new life and find purpose once again.

Animal Farm Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works towards finding new homes for dogs that are unlikely to find one in shelters due to their high energy and adrenaline. These dogs can look like they are a lot to handle eventhough they turn into giant cuddling addicts in no time.

“How are they finding these homes?” You may ask, well they simply find jobs for them in which they can utilize their “extra” energy.

One of these dogs who is now known as “K9 Dodger” was chosen to this program and the officers of City of Spur Texas thought he would be a good fit into their crew. After all they had no funding to buy an actual K9 that could be used in drug busts so may be this new fellow would serve as a poor man’s K9.

Well, turns out K9 Dodger was packing quite a punch as he graduated from the drug detection training in Ferris,TX alongside his handler. He learned how to sniff out drugs and let his officer friends know.

After successfully completing his training, he joined the ranks of the Spur Police Department. This rookie knew he had to show some teeth to earn everyone’s respect and make name for himself.

Seven hours into his first ever shift, K9 Dodger started reacting to a scent that was making its way to his nose from a nearby abandoned camper. Officers calmly followed their new friend and discovered 14.3 grams of methamphetamine hidden in a wooden box.

K9 Dodger would probably be an inspiration to all the dogs around the world if they had access to social media but we cannot deny the fact that he also made us think about the hardships we have to endure.

K9 Dodger was at his rock bottom, but he managed to show his potential, learn a new skill and landed a job that he loves. This surely tells something.

No matter what our background is, with the right mind-set we can pick up anything from scratch and better ourselves. The only question that could be asked is whether you are ready for a trip to the top or not.