Take ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ and mix it with a little ‘Night at the Museum’ and we probably end up with this.

Those of us who prefer staying at home and are not social by nature may not have realized that more people are becoming more like them. Not willingly of course, as a part of #socialdistancing everyone is trying to distance themselves from the COVID-19 and just ride out the storm.

While most take the necessary precautions and avoid any social gatherings, some folks out there believe that they are half Vikings and would be just fine. As a measure against it and to push people to stay home restaurants, museums, theatres, exhibitions, etc. are all being closed for the time being.

What about people working in those places though? Surely most restaurant and museum employees will be at home as those places don’t require that much maintenance if there aren’t any customers. But animals in the zoos will still need their caretakers as they need to be both fed and entertained.

It’s not only the animals who get bored but the caretakers as well. Well, boredom times two equals creativity and caretakers of the Chicago aquarium managed to catch the world’s attention.

It all started with Wellington the Penguin, aged 30, taking a joy walk around the aquarium. He seemed like he was most intrigued by the Amazon exhibit which featured fish from the Amazon River. The creatures of the exhibit were also quite honored by the visit of the oldest penguin in town.

The first post took social media by storm and everyone wanted to see more of the penguins! And probably the other penguins were jealous of Wellington getting all the spotlight.

The second footage by Shedd Aquarium featured a cute little couple, Edward and Annie. This bonded pair didn’t leave each other’s side as they were exploring around.

The couple will also be building their nest and we will be able to watch it digitally! We will take anything to watch in these trying times, that’s for sure.

The penguins also had a St. Patrick’s day party today.

It seems the penguins have adjusted to their new lives quite well, as have many humans now embracing the work-from-home lifestyle. We wonder how well the little guys are going to take it when they find out this isn’t permanent. Probably how most of us are going to feel when we have to face that dreaded morning commute again.

If you don’t have any must obligations like taking care of these lovely penguins, do stay inside and let the ones you care about know as well. These are trying times but hopefully, soon enough, we will also be the generation who managed to survive through 2020, if we take all the necessary precautions, that is.