We sometimes forget we aren’t the only creatures on this planet.

Our fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is still going on but with the Eye of the Tiger blaring in the back of our heads, we humans keep pushing back against this new virus with an unwavering resolve.

Thanks in part to #socialdistancing and all the medical workers out there who don’t even sleep in the name of humanity, we are starting to pull through and hopefully we will go back to normal soon enough.

But even given the current situation, it hasn’t been all that bad. I mean if we were to look from the bright side, it has been a nice time-off for all the college students and those that could work remotely. We still feel for those who somehow had to be in the office “for reasons”.

While we have been enjoying books, series, and movies to pass the time in our chairs made of toilet paper rolls, the world is still functioning without us in it. It’s been doing quite well, actually. Looks the old world was quick to try and move on from its abusive ex, a.k.a. us.

There have been reports claiming that the air in countries under lock-down has become cleaner. NASA verified that the amount of nitrogen dioxide over China dropped. And the water in the canals of Venice is now see-through since god knows when.

Alongside all the environmental upsides, the animals of the wild have also been spotted claiming what was theirs once.

It all started with hungry monkey gangs taking to the stress of Thailand. Apparently, the country is having a rather slow tourism season due to the virus. As a result, ordinarily bustling markets have become unusually quiet.

A fight between monkey gangs spread to the city as there weren’t many people around. Yes, monkey gangs, as in gangs made up of wild monkeys. For your information, these “monkey gangs” usually consist of more than 500 members.

Thankfully, no humans were harmed during this brawl.

Similar reports started coming from all over the world, as deer in Japan decided to go for a walk along the city streets in search of something to eat, as their main source of food was tourists. Not the tourists themselves but the food they would throw at them. With them gone, the poor things were left to survive on their own and they must have gotten pretty hungry to venture out onto the street.

Hunger certainly pushes all species to their limits. Right when we were adoring these wandering deer, an elephant herd broke into a village, in Yunan, China, to look for corn and other sources of food. The details of the search are not very clear but somehow the elephants managed to drink 30 kilograms of corn wine and passed out in a tea garden.

While this very event was quite interesting and cute, it also taught many that elephants may actually be alcoholics.  Rumors claim that African elephants have a knack for getting drunk on fermented marula fruits if they ever find enough of them that is.

It is unknown how many more wild animal encounters we will have before we start venturing out into the world ourselves, again. They will surely be caught off guard once we step outside in mass hoards. Until then, we can only hope to continue seeing more positives sides of #socialdistancing.

Till next time, stay safe, stay inside and never forget that this is just a phase!