Truly, a man’s best friend.

Craving for a snack but can’t go out because it’s scary to be doing anything outside at the moment? Send your dog out to get it for you. It sounds like a joke but oh, it’s real.

Take, for example, this guy from Mexico who sent his chihuahua on an errand — slash important mission — to get a bag of Cheetos.

Mexico hasn’t implemented a full lockdown yet but Antonio Muñoz is taking precautions by doing a self-imposed quarantine. However, on his third day, he felt the urge to forego his pantry stock and eat something else.

Suddenly missing the taste of Cheetos and how it melts in your mouth while defiling your fingers, he had no choice but to give it his best shot. In this case, his best shot meant sending his pooch outside to satisfy his craving. How did that go one might ask. It went well. It went very well.

Attaching a note and cash to his dog’s collar, he wrote: “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re too hot. She has $20 attached to her collar. WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbour.” The requests were quite clear. Be nice or get bitten. And don’t forget the Cheetos.

Now, this is a significant milestone in the area of snack-buying that deserves recognition. The store’s only a stone’s throw away but it’s still amazing how the dog knew where to go and how she attracted the store owner’s attention. You see a dog on the street no one really expects it to have a list of grocery items. It worked out well in the end, considering. The dog managed to return, gallivanting in the middle of the street, all tiny and mighty. With her is a bag of Cheetos – the orange kind – tucked into her mouth.

Interestingly, this wasn’t her first store assignment. Prior to her Cheetos adventure, the cute pooch has already fulfilled two other junk food errands involving potato chips.

Pets are already adorable as they are. Most of them don’t do stuff except eat, sleep, make a mess, and occasionally do funny things, and we already love them to bits. But Mexico’s junk food courier is giving Lassie a run for her money. Not only is she a darling, she also agrees to carry out errands for you during a global pandemic, regardless of your sodium indulgences.