They’ll be there for at least three months, but it doesn’t seem like they mind.

Coronavirus is still trying its hardest to be a nuisance. Millions have started self-isolating themselves in order to slow it down as much as we can.

Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to chill at home and catch up on some of the legendary TV shows and movies they may have missed due to being up and about all the time. While we can get over our animal fix by bringing the zoo home, the animals we left behind in wild parks are still in need of caring and cannot possibly survive on their own.

Though isolating yourself at work may sound dreadful, four wonderful zookeepers of Paradise Park UK volunteered to self-isolate themselves in the park to care of all the animals for the next 12 weeks.

Image via Paradise Park

This means feeding and cleaning after over 1200 animals while also maintaining all daily routines. They are doing their best to prevent animals from feeling off and make sure everything goes well as if they were open to visits.

One of the zookeepers, Alison says “It’s magical to walk around once all the feeding and cleaning has been done, quietly observing the birds going about their business. You can chat with your special bird friends for a bit longer, but the best bit is waking up to a tropical dawn chorus in deepest Cornwall!”

The director of Paradise Park also adds “All our keepers are really dedicated to the animals, but some also have vulnerable family members at home. When they heard the advice about self-isolating to combat the coronavirus, they had to decide whether to stay away from work and isolate with their families. But then they suggested that they could come and stay in the house at Paradise Park to be there for the birds every day without risking the health of their families.”

Image via Paradise Park

This doesn’t mean they are left to fend for themselves like their wild animals for the rest of the quarantine period though. A bunch of their coworkers will also be visiting the zoo in shifts to check on them and bring anything they may need.

Paradise Park also started a fundraiser to keep up with its costs in these trying times and the support from their local community has been quite impressive so far.

Even though the zoo is technically closed, they are still quite active on social media with their live cams and daily videos. Assuming they would start welcoming hordes of people once this quarantine is over wouldn’t be an understatement considering all the effort they are putting into keeping things running.