After all, animals are better at understanding the weather.

There’s a new reality we’ve yet to acclimatize ourselves to. As it becomes crucial to stay indoors, most of us have brought our work into our homes. For some, it’s data that needs encoding, sheets that need balancing, articles that need writing, the list goes on.

On the surface, working from home has it’s inherent benefits, such as not needing to commute to the office or even forgoing the bottom half of your attire. However, there are some complications, especially if you have pets. The thing is, pets don’t really understand the concept of working from home. Seeing their owners hang out in the house 24/7 only translates to more lap lounging and belly rubs. This is something Channel 14 Meteorologist Jeff Lyons learned first hand.

While doing his weather report from his home, his pet cat Betty conveniently decided she needed some loving at that very moment. Drawn by all the lights in Lyons’ work from home set-up, the adorable feline crashed her human’s DIY news set and demanded affection, inadvertently interrupting his broadcast. Reluctantly, the television presenter had no choice but to let Betty curl up in his arms, because you can’t say no to a cat. Everyone knows this.

Sure, there are strict rules when presenting on television — wear a tie, comb your hair, don’t mumble when the teleprompter takes too long. However, there was never really a need to establish any guidelines in terms of allowing pets in a broadcast. Given the times, there’s no real need for such guidelines, anyways.

Betty, being is a sight for sore eyes, unsurprisingly went viral. Cats, after all, are innately superstars. They just sit, lie down and gaze at you with either nonchalance or menace and that already gets them thousands of views and shares. To celebrate her newfound popularity, Lyons and the rest of the team gave Betty the highest commendation, her very own lower third graphic that reads ‘Betty the weather cat’. How great is that. She even got promoted without putting in extra hours or closing the biggest sale or sucking up to the higher-ups.

Only in the kitty world does boredom a lassiez-faire attitude get you rewarded. The duo that is now Jeff and Betty have since appeared on the screen together as co-presenters. But since Betty doesn’t care about ratings, she needs bribery, special favors, and underground meetings with the dark lord before she cooperates.

Lyons, meanwhile, is well aware that the viewers paid more attention to his cat rather than his weather updates. He gave the best weather report one could ever deliver, nevertheless — even with a clingy feline around. As for Betty the weather cat, she may not know anything about the weather but she’s definitely capable of turning your gloom into sunshine.