“Give a dog a home without leaving your?” Sounds like a splendid idea.

While some people are lucky enough to be spending quarantine with their family, roomies, or their special someone, others have been self-isolating all by themselves. No matter who you’re quarantining with, most of us can agree that there’s no better lockdown partner than a fluffy four-legged friend.

Pedigree knows this very well and has just announced something that will make it a hundred times easier for us to meet our new best friend without having to leave our homes. The brand is launching an online dog adoption program through Zoom meetings. 

Pedigree presented the Dogs on Zoom program through its website, meetyournewdog.com, where they say that the whole idea is to be able to meet the dogs that are up for adoption through scheduled Zoom meetings, ask questions live, and complete the adoption process. They even state that they’ll pay all the adoption fees for any of the dogs featured in the meetings. 

According to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, having a pet as a companion brings a lot of benefits. Animals around the house can help us cope with anxiety and they can significantly reduce stress levels, things that in times like these can be more difficult than usual.

A study done in Mexico comparing dog owners to non-dog owners revealed that dog owners felt that they were healthier. Their scores were significantly lower for psychosomatic symptoms and stress and were higher for general health, vitality, emotional role, social functioning, and mental health.

Adopting a dog can also keep you fit and motivate you to exercise. After all, they need to go on regular walks. Dogs can also be an immediate mood booster, and if you have kids, adopting a dog can be a great way to teach them responsibilities. Do you really need any more reasons to join one of these adoption sessions?

The sessions will be held on May 11, 12, and 13 at 5:00 PM CST, and you can join by visiting their website. The adoption agency will be ready to answer all the questions you may have, tell you more about every dog you see (such as its breed, its personality, and other things you’ll need to know as a foster parent), and to walk you through every step of the adoption process.

As humankind, we’re going through some rough times. Now that staying at home is more crucial than ever, why not give a dog a new home while staying in yours? And who knows, perhaps opening your house and your heart to one of these dogs could bring you an unconditional best friend!