And we always have time for funny animals.

When you think of wild animals, you probably don’t think about anything other than what you’ve seen on the Discovery Channel. Lions hunt, monkeys swing from trees, and they all basically do everything us humans do—eat, sleep, poop…the usual. In between the scenes we’re so used to seeing, though, animals can actually get up to some pretty hilarious stuff.

You’re probably familiar with the nature photography often displayed in magazines or online that share beautiful, natural shots of animals catching their food or caring for their young. Seeing such beautiful photos provoke thoughts like, ‘wow, nature is so pure and graceful. Animals always photograph so well.’ I’m here to tell you that actually, animals have some embarrassing angles too.

Allow me to introduce—or remind you, if you’re well aware—the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The purpose of these awards are to not only recognize amazing photography skills, but as their website states, recognize ‘photography that has captured a wild animal doing something so funny that makes us snort into our cup of tea.’ This year the competition has been extended until June 30th, is completely free to enter, and 10% of all money received is being donated to the Born Free Foundation. Who doesn’t love comedy for a cause?

Nature photography, though extraordinary, captures animals in all states. This competition is a refreshing look into what goes on in their neck of the woods, and we have a sneak peak of what’s already been submitted!

Before we get to the good stuff, we’d like to mention some equally good-for-you stuff that can help you become a conservationist at home, courtesy of the Comedy Wildlife Awards.

  1. Shop Responsibly: it’s little things like trying to buy local and looking for produce that is in season and sustainably produced. Avoid un-recyclable products and support the shops that offer alternatives to single-use plastics.
  2. Put A Plant Box On Your Window Sill: you don’t need to be a green thumb to do this one. Just a small flower pot would invite honeybees and give them a chance to prosper at a time where they are severely endangered. The thought of inviting bees to your home may sound ludicrous, but these are Japanese Murder Hornets that we’re telling you to beckon. Just the humble little bumblebee that pollinates our world.
  3. Become a “Wild Influencer”: don’t worry, you won’t have to make cringy vlogs and post on Instagram 4 times a day to check this box. All this means is talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the little things you do (like the ones mentioned above), and encourage them to do the same. It’s all about using your voice to influence a little change in your society.

And now, the animals.

1. Bambi gone bad

© Alvin Tarkmess/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

2. Not all birds are morning birds

© Anthony Bucci / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

3. A masseuse’s worst nightmare

©David DesRochers / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

4. Yoga is supposed to be relaxing

© Janet Miles / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

5. We learn more about ourselves every day

© Johan Siggesson / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

6. Sibling Rivalry

© Klein Yarin / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

7. Alone time isn’t a thing in any species

© Manoj Shah / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

8. Everyone gets moody with old age

© Reynante Martinez / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

9. Nature is always camera ready

© Tanvir Ali / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

10. Personal space just isn’t a thing

© Thomas Grigoleit / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

11. America’s Next Top Animal

© Tommy Mess / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

12. Watching an R rated film with your parents

© Yaron Schmid / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020