Yeah, you read that right, Django is back. And make no mistake about it, he is not joking around this time either.

An Australian man, who wants to be referred to as Django, has made it into the news this week for his “heroic” act of saving an entrapped whale. It seems Djangos just can’t stop being heroes.

News got out on Tuesday, May 19, when it was reported that a seemingly random man rescued a whale trapped in a net, near Burleigh Heads, in faraway Australia. Guess it is time to give the Aussies a taste of the American legend.

Django was reported to have spotted the whale trapped in the net and contacted the local authorities, but when they did not arrive on time, he swung into action and rescued the whale. According to him, on seeing the whale measuring an estimated nine meters deep, he thought it was cool, but found out the uncool part when he discovered that the whale was trapped in a net. “Because of the whale’s size, adrenaline got my heart pumping really fast,” he said, according to The Guardian.

But that might not just be the end of the ‘uncool’ part for our Django, as the authorities say he is facing a whopping $27,000 fine for interfering with Shark Control Nets and endangering himself. The Fisheries Minister, Mark Furner said our hero put himself at great risk (Isn’t that what heroes are supposed to do) by taking it upon himself to rescue the whale.

“The net is a very dangerous equipment. Many people have lost their lives getting entangled with the net. The Queensland Fisheries department will have to decide whether or not to prosecute this man”, he concluded. The Fisheries department has confirmed that they are still investigating the matter, but the fine is yet to be officially enforced.

When asked about the fine, Django said he was not going out for sightseeing, but he is ready to pay the price. In his words, “Yeah, I am in trouble. I was not going out there to see whales; it was an expensive day, but whatever. You pay the price sometimes. I didn’t think about what the fine was”. Said like a proper hero.

Notwithstanding the authorities’ stance, Django has been considered a hero of some sort by the residents of Burleigh Heads, who gathered around him to celebrate him for not minding the risk to his life in the process of saving an entrapped whale. This hero status found its way to social media, where people praised Django for his heroic act.