It’s the most fascinating thing to watch

We’ll be honest, we had no idea these things were capable of more than just swaying back and forth like underwater palm trees. But apparently not.

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According to National Geographic, there are actually over 1000 species of sea anemones. Ranging from half an inch in width to a behemoth 6 feet. Sure, there are humans taller than 6 feet, but considering the spectrum of size, 6 feet is colossal.

Despite their plant-like appearance, anemones are, in fact, animals. And like most animals, anemones can move. They are able to slowly slide across the ocean floor or hitch a ride on another undersea being, such as a hermit crab, as per Wonderopolis. Anemones are also capable of swimming by moving their tentacles. This last part is what piqued our interest in the floppy aquatic being.

To truly appreciate the majestic movements of the anemone, we’ve compiled a small list of videos. Now be amazed.

1. Just Look At it go

2. We suggest skipping to 1:30

3. Slow and Steady

4. The one that started it all

Anemone fleeing from a starfish from BeAmazed

There’s just something satisfying about it.