Ready for your daily dose of 2020 being 2020?

Last week, a giant bird—and I mean *giant*—was caught on camera flying over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with an equally-as-large fish in it’s talons. Yes, Sharknado has come to life and yes, this is in fact a true story.

In a video posted to Facebook by user Kelly Burbage, you can see the real-life-movie-scene play out as the bird flies over a crowded beach without a care in the world. Her caption read ‘Eagle? Condor? Caught a shark in Myrtle Beach!’

Eagle? Condor? caught a shark in Myrtle Beach!

Posted by Kelly Burbage on Friday, June 26, 2020

After much deliberation in the comments, it was decided that it was most likely an Osprey, who are known as ‘sea hawks’ or ‘fish hawks’ due to their excellent fishing skills. I think it’s safe to say that this video pretty much confirms that hunch, don’t you think?

As for the fish, that’s more of a question mark. Burbage insists it was a shark, but commenters were convinced it was more likely to be a Spanish mackerel, which is evidently more common in the waters surrounding Myrtle Beach. To make matters more exciting, though, go ahead and tell yourself it’s a shark—it’s 2020, anything goes!

Considering this isn’t your average 6 o’clock news story, it’s certainly caught the attention of people on social media. Comedian Jessimae Peluso quoted the tweet saying ‘If 2020 was a nature scene…’

Yeah we’re all with ya on that one, Jessimae.

 Another parody account had fun with the clip, tweeting a call for an evacuation, saying ‘THERE’S GOING TO BE A SHARKNADO!’

When there’s news stories like this, all you can really do is laugh. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but all we can hope for is something equally as hilarious as a real-life Sharknado.