Giving a whole new meaning to “cat burglar.”

Altoona, Pennsylvania is the hometown of Jordan the cat, a fluffy pet who has chosen to live a life devoted to crime. More specifically, Jordan has been stealing other people’s shoes for quite a while now. The six-pound sneaky feline walks every night around the neighborhood and collects the shoes that residents forget outside, only to bring them back home to his owner, BJ Ross.

Ross told WTAJ that the shoe collection has grown to over 50 shoes, and that Jordan even brings back the completed pair. So if one night he only brings one shoe, the next night he’ll bring back the second.

With the shoe collection growing every single night, Ross had to find a solution to give back each pair to their owner. He created a Facebook group, which has now over 7,500 members, where Ross posts a picture of all the shoes that Jordan steals every night, hoping that the owners will claim what has been stolen from them. The group has gone viral online and now has members from all over the world, who are all anxious to see what Jordan will steal next.

Here we have Jordan, with a couple of his findings.

© BJ Ross

The shoe collection grew constantly and now it’s gotten TOO big…

© BJ Ross

We can clearly tell Jordan has no preference when it comes to shoe fashion—he’ll steal any size, any style, from anyone.

The best part might be the group’s description. “If y’all know my cat Jordan. Y’all know he loves to bring me home shoes!!!!!” Ross wrote. “Yes you read it. This tiny little cat drags me home one, two, three shoes. Every night!! Last year, he brought me dead mice, live snakes, dead and live birds, garbage including an empty chip bag and a rubber glove. This past January I started noticing shoes would show up in my yard. I thought nothing of it and would throw them away. As this progresses over the months, my mom suggested I keep the shoes to find the owners.”, he continued.

But the story doesn’t end with the Facebook group. BJ Ross has now put a GPS tracker on Jordan, so he can see his everyday route as he continues with his criminal life.

© BJ Ross

He has also installed security cameras in the back. According to Ross, Jordan can walk from 7 to 8 miles per night.

© BJ Ross

Considering Jordan can only carry one or two shoes at a time, we can’t even imagine how many nights he has dedicated to stealing the neighbors’ shoes! It seems like, in the life of a thief, there’s no time for resting.