Even Dumbo wouldn’t be able to get this high.

Life can be stressful! It is not just human beings that go through stressful phases, but animals too. A walk in the park, a vacation, some meditation or yoga are some of the ways that we use to cope with stress. So what can animals do to relax? It is not rare to find that pet owners use hemp products to help their domesticated animals relax.

Cats, dogs and even horses have had a dose of this stress release product and it has not been found to have any harmful effects on them. Just when you thought you had seen it all, Warsaw zoo officials based in Poland have decided to begin their own program that is expected to help the elephants in the facility relax by giving them marijuana.

Though the program has not started yet, the trials that have been done on the elephants show that they actually like it. According to the Guardian, about three elephants will begin the experiments. It will involve giving the elephants doses of highly concentrated chemical compounds that are found in Marijuana plants.

This comes at a time when the elephants are believed to be quite stressed, following the death of one of the Alpha females. It is not very clear when the zoo will officially start the program but tests have been done on Fryderyka, one of the female elephants. She is one of the elephants that has shown signs of distress from the passing of the alpha female. When the marijuana was introduced to her, she was all for it and didn’t show any resistance.

The vet that is overseeing the program stated that they felt that having a natural option instead of pharmaceutical products to help the animals relax was what they were going for. It is estimated that in two years, the officials will have decided whether the program is worth it or they should just drop it depending on how effective it will be.

Though giving marijuana to elephants may look intriguing, you would wonder how the huge animal will behave given the doses of the plant. An elephant that is ‘high’ may just be the sight to see. Hopefully, it will not cause any harm in the midst of all the excitement. While elephants have not had any prior treatments with marijuana, dogs and horses have successfully gone through such treatments before. The plan is to have each elephant get a dosage about two to three times daily.

When you think of marijuana, a barrel or a cannabis pipe is what comes to mind but that’s not what these elephants will be using. The elephants will take the product through liquid doses administered through their trunks. The officials will then monitor the health benefits and relaxing capabilities of the marijuana on the elephants. As interesting as it may sound, this will be a project whose purpose is to medicate the anxious elephants. I guess we can now say that a dose of marijuana a day, keeps the elephant doctor away.