Polly wants a crack at the music biz.

The newest celebrity in town is Chico, a parrot that can make renditions of some of Beyoncé’s greatest hits. The yellow crowned Amazon parrot is nine years old and lives in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Part which is found in the East Midlands of England.

He recently stole the hearts of the masses online by making a cover of Beyoncé’s “If I were a boy,” which was a hit track all the way back in innocent old 2008. The rendition of the song done by Chico was posted on the Parks official Facebook page and got over 20,000 views

Visitors have been flocking to see the captivating bird, which has made the Park take into consideration some social distancing safety measures. The officials at the park were surprised by how popular Chico has become over the last few days.

Parrots make great pets despite how loud they can get sometimes. There have been impressive parrots that showcase their talents from how intelligent they are to how great they can be at singing. Chico is one of these stars. A spokesperson from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park stated that the parrot has been there for about 18 months now and gets along quite well with both humans and other birds as well.

Jokingly, he said that since the parrot has some years to go given that he is only nine, if there might be an X factor for animals by then and Simon Cowell can have a glance of what this bird can do.

While Chico is really good at making the Beyoncé in him shine, that’s not all he can do. He can also make covers of Lady Gaga’s “poker face”, Katy Perry’s “Firework” and even “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Impressive, right? His fame can, however, be credited to the Beyoncé covers that made him quite famous both in his local neighborhood and across the globe. The Beyhives can never get enough of Beyoncé and I guess we can say the Birdhives feel the same way about Chico.

His videos have been going viral on Facebook and Instagram because, let’s be honest, an entertaining parrot is something that will be sure to make anyone’s day. A fan on Facebook was quick to say that they fell in love with Chico right after they saw the performance by this bird. They were truly amazed after watching Chico sing. A commentator on Chico’s Instagram felt the same way, saying that Chico saved 2020. We all know 2020 really needed some saving. Another shared how amazed they were by how good Chico was at singing.

Chico has most definitely taken the spotlight with his singing which has to be way better than that of most of us. Beyoncé might have to look out because there is some competition out here for her.