The results are in!

Our forever-favorite Comedy Animal Photography Awards have finally chosen their finalists, and we can’t wait to show them to you. If you don’t recall, these awards showcase amazing photographs that capture the animals in all states—the sleepy, the embarrassing, the angry—and to us humans, they seem to tell a story.

Back in May, we published an article announcing that the hilarious CWPA had not only extended their deadline, but that they also gave us a sneak peak into some of the best wildlife photos that had been submitted up to that point. Now, after much deliberation and probably hours spent laughing at the submissions, the results are finally in for this year’s finalists.

And we’ve selected our faves to share with you.

First, we always like to remind our dear readers the values the CAPW believe in. They deeply encourage us all to do our best to be a ‘conservationist at home’ as best we can, because every little bit helps—even if it doesn’t feel like it.

  1. Shop Locally And Responsibly.
    Things like bringing your own shopping bag, avoiding single-use plastic items, or shopping sustainably that make all the difference in our everyday lives—even in wildlife. A little can go a long way, especially if we all pitch in.
  1. Put Plant Boxes On Your Windowsills
    Save the bees! Sure, they can be menacing, especially when we’re trying to have a picnic. But they actually have a huge job pollinating our gardens and keeping things alive, and they can’t do that if they become extinct. Help them out with a little flowerpot in the window!
  2. Become A “Wild Influencer”
    Think less Kardashian, more educator. We’re not asking you to start a YouTube channel or dedicate your life to your social media profile, but spread the word on your conservationist hobbies. Encourage others to do the same and tell them how easy it is, you never know how helpful this info could be to people!
  1. Only Fly Long Haul If You Really Have To
    This year, the CAPW added a new conservation suggestion: stop flying if you don’t have to. We’ve all learned how easy it is to communicate with one another over lockdown through things like Zoom and Google Meets, which has really changed the travel game. If you can avoid that long flight (and hefty plane ticket), try your best!.

Now, the main event. Please enjoy.

1. When you try and take a serious LinkedIn headshot

© Brigitte Alcalay Marcon / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

2. Talk to the claw


© Mark Fitzpatrick/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

4. Hide and Seek Legend

© Tim Hearn/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

5. Let thy nipples BE FREEE

© Ramesh Letchmanan/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

6. When your teammate finally returns from the gulag.

© Roland Kranitz/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

7. Gossip Kings

© Bernhard Esterer/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

8. Are you real? Is this a dream?

© Ayala Fishaimer/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

9. Natural Geographic stepping it up with the documentaries.

© Eric Fisher/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

10. When you send a text to the wrong person.

© Jagdeep Rajput/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

11. He must be playing the same Hide and Seek game as the fly

© Esa Ringbom/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

12. “Any song requests, ladies and gentleman?”

© Daniele D’Ermo/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

13. Dude…you said you’d save me one!

© Krisztina Scheef/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

14. Mom, play it cool! My friends are over there!

© Max Teo/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020

15. Don't want to mess with this biker gang, fo sho.

© Yevhen Samuchenko/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020