Maybe he was using the snake to scare the virus away?

Six months into this pandemic, you’d think we’ve seen it all. Toilet paper shortages, Anti-mask protesters, people calling COVID-19 a “scam and a way to control us”, people thinking thermometers kill our neurons, you name it. But in the context where face masks are our everyday accessory, this man surpassed all limits.

Earlier this week, a man was caught boarding a bus while wearing a real snake around his neck as a face mask. On Monday, the man was traveling from Swinton to Manchester, England and definitely freaked out more than one of the passengers who were riding the same bus. One of them even mentioned she thought the passenger was wearing a “funky mask” before realizing it was, in fact, a snake. No face mask would be slithering over the handrails… right?

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We know that when it comes to face masks, there are over a thousand options to choose from. You can get face masks made out of fabric, KN95 professional ones, face masks with glitter, sequins, decoration, or the typical disposable ones. And yes, it’s mandatory to wear one, whichever you choose, on public transport if you’re 11 or older. Unfortunately for the man, a snake doesn’t really qualify as a functional face mask.

A spokesperson from Transport for Greater Manchester told CNN that passengers are, in fact, expected to stick to government guidance on wearing face masks on public transport, unless they are medically exempt. After all, face masks are a way to protect yourself and to protect others from this easily-spreadable virus.

“This needn’t be a surgical mask …passengers can make their own or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or bandana,” the representative said. Sure, there could be misinterpretation issues when it comes to all of these new guidelines and rules. But misinterpreting them to the point of substituting a face mask for a snake? We didn’t see that coming.

Of course, people didn’t hesitate to record this weird and funny event, and they quickly uploaded the video on YouTube. Check it out yourself.

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So now you know it, folks. Feel free to get whichever mask you prefer. Whether you like it with glitter, with a cute print, with sequins, or with a funny phrase on it, that’s totally fine. Express yourself! Just don’t attempt to use animals as a face mask, please. You’ll probably go viral online, but you won’t be safe from the coronavirus.