Coming across a goose in a pub may be just a wee bit strange. Coming across two geese in a pub – dressed in diapers; now that’s ludicrous.

It may sound like a scene from a comedy, but it is the reality for visitors in a club in Leeds. Sven Kirby takes his two pet geese to the pub with him when he wants to have a drink or two, and he puts some special undies on them too, you know, in case they need to go while they’re out. It’s not like animals can just go to the loo wherever they want, you know.

Lockdown had us spending a lot of time indoors and most of us may have thought of getting a pet for some company. Sven decided to adopt two pet geese during this time and called them Beep Beep and Norbert. I’m all for the Beep Beep as a pet name. The two geese are male, both from the same clutch. The trio made up of the three is quite easy to spot as they take a walk on the streets of Leeds. I bet it must be a head-turner, as it’s not every day you see a man marching away on the street with his two geese sidekicks.

Sven Kirby, 34, takes his pet geese Beep Beep and Norbert (21wks) along the canal to the pub in Leeds, West Yorks., October 05 2020. See SWNS story SWLEgeese; An animal obsessed singleton has purchased two pet geese - which he puts in nappies and takes to the pub. Eccentric Sven Kirby, 34, has hand reared the birds from five days old after buying them for ??40 each in June. He is often seen walking the streets, parks and canals of Leeds, West Yorks., with Beep Beep and Norbert waddling along behind. When admin assistant Sven is at home the pair have free reign of the house, while at night time and on weekdays they are confined to a pen in the garden. Incredible pictures and videos show Norbert and Beep Beep walking down the street, sleeping on Sven's chest, wearing their nappies and relaxing at the pub.
Sven’s sidekicks, Beep Beep and Norbert, making sure no one messes with him on his afternoon walk ( Picture credits: SWNS)

Sven, who works as an admin assistant, got the two birds back in June for £40 each when they were just five days old. He lives on his own and he had always wanted to have a pet goose. He had thought of getting a dog first but decided not to go for it since that didn’t seem very fair since he has a full-time job. According to him, geese do not need half as much attention as dogs do which made him feel they were a great fit for him from the beginning. A goose is not the average pet and it may actually seem a bit weird for anyone to have one as a pet but Sven wanted something different and that is exactly what he got.

The first time he got the idea of getting the geese was a few years ago on a visit to his then girlfriend’s place in York. He saw some geese waddling along the river bank and knew that he would definitely get some as pets. His then girlfriend however thought it was a bonkers idea so he wasn’t very keen on it. When they broke up though, he decided to make his dream come true and finally went and got the two geese for himself.

Whenever he is at home, he lets them run around the house freely but when he is away, he has a pen in the garden where he leaves them for the day. When asked about how he feels about his two strange pets, Sven said “I love the two of them, they’re brilliant characters and great fun to keep as pets.” Beep Beep and Norbert see Sven as their daddy and the three have some fun times together over the weekend when Sven is free. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box pet or just some attention from the neighborhood, maybe a goose is right for you as well?