The debate we had all been waiting for finally happened last night, and it was one for the books.

For starters, it was actually a pretty normal debate compared to last week. Responses were relatively timed, interruptions were limited, and disagreements were delivered and received in a fairly respectful manor. There was one candidate on that stage, though, that truly deserves the nation’s utmost respect. They put politics aside and remained neutral, kept their screen time to a humble minimum, and represented the majority of the American people subtly and with confidence.

Yes, you know who I mean. The fly on Mike Pence’s head.

In the most random of events, a rogue fly landed on the current Vice President’s head last night and stayed there. For two whole minutes. And it’s all we could look at.

Now, some of you may feel bad for him since he was none the wiser. But sadly the internet isn’t the most forgiving place, and they’re having a hell of a time taking advantage of this organic comedic opportunity.

Social media users have gotten especially creative when it comes to initial reactions, and they wasted no time sharing them with us. Here’s a list of some of the reactions we’ve seen so far:

1. Joe Biden wasted no time.

2. He’s just trying to vibe.


The fly was vibin #debates #saltlakecity #pence #lds @420doggface208

♬ original sound – ctr_haha

3. Get your very own souvenir to remember the night!

4. The Biden Campaign never misses an opportunity for new merch.

(And it’s already sold out.)

5. The audio was made for this moment.


#VPdebate #mikepence #kamalaharris #debate2020

♬ original sound – Makayla

6. RBG continues to do God’s work from above.

7. So famous it has it’s own Twitter.

Tweets by FlyOnMikePence3

8. Fly from the future?


#greenscreen I love fly #vpdebate

♬ nicki saying she love libras – ™

9. That’s probably not all they’re attracted to.

10. Animals are the most honest truth tellers.


Did anyone else see this #debate#vpdebate#cat#fly#flypence#pencefly#lmao#gross#trumpcovid19#Affirmations#vote#plsvote

♬ original sound – Emma Kent