Cyborg Shepherds coming to a dog park near you.

Goggles on a dog are adorable. It’s stylish and definitely turns your basic dog into a super cool dog. The US army wanted their dogs to be super cool too and have introduced dog goggles, but they are more than just to make the dogs look good. These are augmented reality goggles that are made specifically for military dogs.

Military dogs are some of the most useful canines when it comes to military activities like sniffing out an area for explosives and helping in rescue operations. Dogs have been playing such a crucial role that some places like China have even thought of cloning these canines so that they can do their job even better. In the United States, military dogs even get the entire military funeral as a sendoff after they die while in the line of duty.

Dogs are a great addition to the military. There’s just one issue that keeps popping up in their line of duty- dogs don’t really get human speech. Let’s look at it like this; a dog can understand and obey commands really well but if sudden changes happen in the field, they won’t be able to process it as fast as a human would. This is where the AR goggles come in handy.

Augmented reality is one of the trending things in tech and we’re all here for it. The U.S Army has been looking into ways to add AR to the military operations of military dogs and so far they have made some headway with the goggles. These goggles will allow handlers to give commands to military dogs while they are some distance away and when they are out of sight.

The goggles were a project by the Army Research Laboratory and are a creation of Command Sight Inc. The official website for the army shows that the dogs will get visual cues that they should follow from the goggles. There is also a camera on the goggles that will allow the handler to see what the dog is seeing. Makes things so much easier, right?

Command Sight Inc. was founded by Dr. A.J. Paper in 2017 after he saw that there was need for humans and animals to communicate better while carrying out an operation. The AR goggle invention for dogs is still being worked on and more research is being done to make sure that the final product will be effective. They have the funding to get to the next phase of the project so we’ll get to see what progress they make in the next few years.

Augmented reality goggles will be a huge improvement from the traditional ways of guiding dogs. Other than helping the military to issue commands to their dogs, it will also be a way for them to see the world through a dogs eyes. Expect to see some cool looking goggled up dogs out in military operations soon.