Does that mean Marvel can replace Spider-Man with a new goat-themed hero?

Have you always wanted to scale the walls like your Spider-Man? How awesome would it be to literally walk on a wall? Well, apparently spiders and Spider-Man aren’t the only ones with the gravity-defying ability.

The Ibex, a species of mountain goat, has the arcane ability to scale large dams. These dams are so steep, they can practically be considered walls. So yes, we stand by our previous statement.

If you are still unweary of giving such these goats the crown, then consider the following. Videos always diminish the scale and severity of that which is being captured. In other words, a video can never capture the true nature of something, as it appears to your naked eyes in nature. A sunset will always be more mesmerizing in person, a waterfall will always feel more powerful when you witness its intensity first hand, and this dam will appear much more steep in real life. Much more steep than the camera makes it appear. And it appears like it’s bloody vertical.

These goats have not received the credit they deserve. And Marvel may as well jump on the opportunity now. Who knows how long the custody battle is going to take.