This one won’t be as happy about you shooting a ball into its mouth.

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Golfing in Florida is just different… 🐊

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As the video’s owner @steellafferty states, golfing in Florida is clearly different. We aren’t sure where you’re from, but around here, the only gators we have on our golf courses are the animatronic kind. You know, the ones that open their jaws for about 3.8 seconds before hydraulically ‘snapping’ shut.

We say ‘snapping’, because our robotic beasts have nowhere near the same level of raw power these pre-historic beasts possess. Even with its relatively small size, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to get any closer than our main protagonist in the video already is.

And yes, this is a relatively small gator. Just check out this goliath that wander across another Florida golf course, three years ago. Golfing in Flordia really is just different…

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