I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

Humans and animals share a lot in common. At the end of the day, you could say humans are a species of animals. We’ve just learned to express our existential dilemmas in the form of memes while hippo’s fling their feces everywhere.

Sometimes, through the grace of nature photography, we are able to see more parallels between ourselves and the diverse creatures we share this planet with. Thanks to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, we’re able to see those amusing parallels once again.

The hilarious competition was brought to life by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. Both Hicks and Sullam are photographers by trade, and conservationists by passion. Since 2015, the pair and their team have been showcasing the more humorous side of the wild. A fresh change of pace compared to regular photographs of nature that, while stunning, alienate the animals from our shared world. These photos bring those animals just a little closer to home.

A home that we all share, together. As such, it’s on all of us to help it when it’s in need. And according to Paul, “our planet is in distress, we all know that, now we just need to know what to do.” That is why Comedy Wildlife partners with The Born Free Foundation to spread awareness about conservation. At its root, that is the main purpose of the competition.

We promise, there are hilarious, adorable, and out-right comical creatures waiting for you at the end of this piece. But on your way down, take note of some sustainable tips we can all implement to make sure our world is always churning out some happy smiles.

  1. Shop Responsibly.
    This is something we can all do, very easily. For example; don’t buy products with palm oil, because palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests. Try and avoid un-recyclable products and one-use plastics/packaging.
  2. Restrict water use at home.
    Did you know, each time you flush the loo we send approximately 20 liters of water down the drain-seriously, it’s crazy. So have shorter showers, water your garden less, and stop flushing the loo every single time. This would save billions of liters of freshwater that could support our environment, as well as supply homes and food for a plethora of wildlife, worldwide.
  3. Become a “Wild Influencer”
    This is a special person who may not be a mega activist, but really, really cares about the environment and wants to do something to help. For more ideas, feel free to visit www.comedywildlifephoto.com

And now, without further ado, we present to you, the most amusing, laughable, ridiculous..fine, fine, here are the most relatable animals that we relate to just a little too much.

1. It's not what you said, it's how you said it.

© Vlado Pirsa / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019


“I do not respond to that tone.”

2. Always fighting the uphill battle.

King Penguin & Antarctic Fur Seal Chest Bump

© Thomas Mangelsen / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“What. What, huh. I ain’t scared of you”

“Bro, I can’t even see you”

“That’s cause I’m down here, foo.”

3. "I almost died"

Fox Squirrel trapped in a tree hole.

© Corey Seeman / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Mom! Mooom! Helppp! Something’s on my foot! It’s dragging me in!! Oh wait, it’s just my tail.”

4. Underestimating your own power.

King Penguin farting in water

© Eric Keller / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“I can’t hold it. This one feels like a quiet one. If I just carefully let it out”

braap braap braaap


5. Trying to help that one friend.

Red fox's playing

© Alastair Marsh / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Why are you so scared?! I’m holding you, just do a handstand!”

6. The gravitational forces of a sale.

Lioness holding another lioness back

© Adwait Aphale / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Oh my goodness, does that say 20% off??”

“Stop, you already have a fur coat. You don’t need another one.”

“But it’s on sale!”

7. Others never understand the pain.

Sea otter holding another otter

© Andy Harris/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Ahhh, dad, dad, I’m dying! Dad, don’t let go. Dad, oh god, this is it..”

“Relax kid, it’s just a splinter”

8. Realizing a credit card isn't free money.

Common jack being chased by a tiger shark.

© Anthony Petrovich/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Oh barnacles, I don’t have enough to pay off the loan today.”

9. The one friend with all the ideas.


© Co Grift / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“This again? Where do you come up with these?”

10. Getting in trouble in class

Otters looking stunned

©Donna Bourdoun/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

Who said that?!

“Dude, why are you putting your hand up??”

“I don’t know, it just went up by itself”

“Act casual, maybe she didn’t notice”

You two, to the front


11. It's too early for this.

Brown bear has had enough.

© Eric Fisher/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Someone turn that light off. I’m not ready to life right now”

12. Just can't get enough

Red squirrel smelling a dandelion.

© Geert Weggen / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“What is this sensation. I must have more”

13. Watching the season finale like.

Shocked otter

© Harry Walker / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Oh gad, Daenerys, what are you doing. Why is your dragon flying so low? She’s going for the castle. Surely she’s…oh my gad. What is this madness??”

14. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am.

Polar bear overthinking.

© Marion Vollborn / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Why. Why would you send that text? I knew I shouldn’t have sent that text. What a stupid text, who talks like that. Why is there no unsend? I’m never getting a reply. Why would they reply? I wouldn’t even reply. I have to move to Alaska”


15. Getting with the latest trends.

Red deer in camo.

©Mike Rowe / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“I don’t get the hype. Oh god, here comes Brother Deer. He’s never going to let me live this down. Wait, he walked right past me. Interesting…”

16. For the Gram

Japanese macaque framing a perfect shot.

© Pablo Daniel Fernández / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Just turn that latte a little more and…that’s it, perfect. Just hold that right there.”

17. Best friend duets are the best duets

Zebra's singing.

©Peter Haygarth / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“At first I was afraid”

“I was petrified”

18. Sibling love is a special kind of love.

Brown hare's copying eachother.

©Philip Marazzi / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Can you stop now”
“Can you stop now”

“Seriously, it’s not funny anymore”
“Seriously, it’s not funny anymore”

“Why are you like this?”
“Why are you like this?”

19. Sneaking back home.

Japanese Snow Monkey sneaking back home.

© Roie Galitz/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Just step on the hard spots and mum might not hear me. If she sees snow on my coat again, I’m finished”

20. It's fun to stay at the...

© Ryan Jefferds / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019


21. The new toy is always the favorite toy.

Lion cub leaping for his new toy.

© Sarah Skinner / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“New chew toy. Must have now”

22. The feeling of invincibility with your posse.

Northern Crested Caracara backed up by his Capybaras.

© Susan Knowler / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Time’s up Vinnie, where’s the money? Don’t make me send the boys to get it.”

“Why does he always talk like that when we’re around?”

23. Living the best life.

Chimpanzee living his best life.

© Thomas Mangelsen / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Ahhh, this is the life.”

24. Communication is key.

White rhino pissing on a Egret.

© Tilakraj Nagaraj / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“This is not what I meant when I said I wanted to be showered with love and affection.”

25. No one will believe you.

Grizzly bears fooling around.

© Toni Elliott / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Holy crap he’s doing it again. I gotta tell the others. They never believe me.”

“I am off to join the humans.”

26. So many choices.

Snow monkey in deep thought.

© Txema Garcia Laseca / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“Should I have milk and then my banana, or banana then milk? Maybe I’ll save the banana for after my nap.”

27. Enough with the picture taking.

Brown bear hiding behind a tree.

© Valtteri Mulkahainen / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“I don’t want to take a picture and you can’t make me.”

28. Too tired to cook.

Lion turning a street sign.

© Willem Kruger / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

Just turn the sign a little more andd done. Honeyy, don’t worry, we’re getting delivery tonight.”

29. When your song comes on.

Dancing marmot.

“Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good times. Blame it on the boogay!”

30. Act normal.

Quokka with a friendly smile.

“If I act cute, they won’t know I’m crazy.”