It’s time for the bone to roll it’s way home.

It can be a challenging task to track down the perfect toy for your furry family member. Pet stores are great at bombarding consumers with useless overpriced products that tend to fall apart in days. Shortly after purchasing the toy, you’re already shopping for a replacement.

It’s time to put an end to your search. We want to introduce you to a new product on the canine market: dentures. For the first time ever, you won’t have to buy dental bones, toys or doggie fashion accessories separately. These dentures are an all-in-one, satisfying your dog’s chew toy needs while ensuring they look fabulous.

Check out these dentures modeled by Luna, a playful pup that was adopted by Anna Carolina Lima and her fiance in Brazil.

You must be wondering how Luna got her paws on these awesome dentures before they hit the market. Luna was visiting Lima’s grandmother’s house when Lima had to step out for an errand. Her grandmother took off her dentures before her usual afternoon nap and placed them under her pillow. Luna, with her petit head, was able to nuzzle under grandma’s pillow and snatch her new toy.

Suffice to say, the grandmother wasn’t too excited to find that the tooth fairy had stolen her dentures while she was asleep. After a couple of hours of searching, the family discovered it wasn’t a mythical fairy behind the mishap but in fact Luna, who was sitting with a smug new smile on top of grandma’s couch. Unfortunately, Luna did not get to keep her new grin, but she has left a lasting grin on the rest of us.

Luna loved those dentures and it seems she may not have been the only one. Other dogs apparently adore this new toy as well. Pet Smart, take notes. If you don’t start selling these dentures soon, we might have to start shopping at the denture clinics for our dogs.