And the cops aren’t happy about it.

Breezy, a.k.a. Chris Brown, is holding an actual garage sale at his California home. Marketed as featuring significantly marked-down high-end items, it’s no surprise fans turned out in droves for a chance to snag some exclusive apparel.

Fans could be seen lining the streets of Tarzana, the neighborhood Breezy lives in, from early in the morning. The large crowd is far from a surprise to local authorities who, TMZ reports, tried to shut down the sale before it happened.

To be fair, inviting your 80-some-odd-million fans to a garage sale under such short notice would be cause for concern to any police service. However, it seems the garage sale is going fairly smooth.

While some shoppers reported that they had to wait in line for nearly 12 hours, they seemed more than ecstatic about all the cool things they were able to buy.

There are even reports of free ice cream. So fans can at least find some solace for waiting hours in the sun, even if they don’t find something they want.

However, according to some shoppers, that’s an unlikely scenario. Apparently, there’s so many items for sale that everyone in line should be able to walk away with something.

Just check out what some of these thrifters were able to snag at the celebrity sell-off.