And it has us feeling all sorts of ways.

The 2010s are coming to an end and we don’t know how to feel about it.

Every year feels like it goes by faster and faster. One day we’re hanging with our friends at the park, playing a dangerous game of how late can I go home without my mother murdering me, then suddenly you’re contemplating if you’d rather take the 7:30 train over the 8:00 because traffic is lighter earlier in the morning.

A year sure feels like it flew by when you’re nearing a new one, but we never really take in how much has changed, even incrementally, throughout that year. Those small changes add up, and before you know it, a decade has passed.

Then one day, you’ll be scrolling through Twitter, and suddenly see all the memes and vines that once made us throw our phones in fits of laughter. The videos we thought were the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. The ones we couldn’t wait to show our friends in class.

How old were you when you first saw that clip? How did you share it with your friends? Maybe you saw it while gathered around a computer in the library. Maybe you saw it while you were using your desktop at home.

It sounds crazy, but the beginning of this decade was drastically different from the world we find ourselves in today. Social media was still on the come-up, Instagram was just being born, Obama was still in his first term as President, and a YouTube star named Justin Beiber released his first studio album.

Maybe it is just crazy talk. Maybe this is all just over-exaggeration and hyperbole. All we know is, #TwitterMomentOfTheDecade took us on an emotional trip, and now we’re doing the same thing to you.

Enjoy a trip back to simpler times, and rediscover the seconds-long videos that subtly shaped your comedy and sense of humor.

1. Forever undefeated (Soulja Boy who?)


3. Icon

4. Every meme has it's origin story.

5. Not a surprise this is here.

6. Still don't know what he's saying. Still doesn't matter.

7. Legend says he's still battling the bin.

8. This why Kanye is who he is.

9. Yahh.

10. Oh dear.

11. Quick maths.

12. Song of the decade?

13. Still a solid save.

14. I got time for this.

15. Story time.

16. She still mad?


18. The secret sauce.

19. Reality can be this good.

20. The king.