That darn teleprompter.

Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. No, you have not accidentally traveled back to 2015.

While hosting the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant in Atlanta, Steve Harvey was given the responsibility of announcing the winner of the national costume contest component of the pageant.

Reading directly off of the teleprompter, Steve announced the winner of the costume contest to be the Philippines…but they weren’t. The actual winner who was standing right beside him had to awkwardly correct him by informing Steve that she was actually from Malaysia.

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A seasoned veteran in on-stage gaffs, especially at said-pageant, Harvey was quick to explain exactly what had just happened. “Ok, well, let me explain something to you. I just read that in the teleprompter. Y’all gone quit doing this to me,” Harvey quickly clarified while also shifting the blame from his shoulders.

After all, he was the fall man after his first slip up at the 2015 pageant, when he erroneously announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe title. With the world watching, Harvey excitedly crowned Miss Colombia as the winner of the annual contest. It was only after a dreadful “four minutes of hell” did Harvey come out to clear up the yet to be known confusion.

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The winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant was, in fact, Miss Philipines. Miss Colombia was the first runner-up. Harvey mistakenly read the wrong name on the card after getting conflicting instructions from the teleprompter and his ear-piece.

Will we see Steve Harvey again at next years pageant, or has he finally had enough of that darned teleprompter?