We’ve heard of fruit-scented candles but never one with the forbidden fruit.

What is it with Gwyneth Paltrow and vaginas? Before the fire that her recent Netflix trailer set could even be put out, she is back at it again with another vagina related product.

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Typically, candles are only lit when the power is out or, you know, for romantic purposes. No one in their right mind is paying $75 USD for a candle to illuminate their home and we pray no one is setting the mood with the smell of another woman’s netherregion.

When it comes to scents, I assume we are all familiar with the regulars such as tropical aroma, wild berries, vanilla fragrance and so on. Basically, if you are thinking candles, you are thinking about fruits or plants. Goop, on the other hand, likes to think of a different kind of tropical fruit.

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So how could anyone replicate the smell of a body part in a candle? Maybe they learned a few tips and tricks from the scientists who worked on Doritos Nacho. Those things smell like feet.

Hopefully, they had a better method than what Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson purportedly attempted while trying to create his own line of genital aroma candles.

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The Rock joked that he burned his balls while trying to extract the scent of his scrotum, while replying to a tweet from @AdamRayComedy.

It seems a Rock scented candle is still far from fruition, but Paltrow’s vagina is very much available for your smelling pleasure, sort of. While it was actually on sale, it is now sold out. It would seem, despite the steep price and questionable odor, the canal candle was a woop on Goop.

The story behind the candle is quite funny actually. For every teenager out there who has high hopes, sadly (if you’re into that sort of stuff), the candle does not “really” smell like an actual vagina.

Apparently, while working on a new scent for a perfume, with Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of Goop claimed that this very scent smelled like a vagina. It did not make the cut to become a perfume but this so-called vagina scent was utilized in order to make these candles.

This is also not Goop’s first media rodeo. In 2018, the company was found guilty of false marketing claims and were fined $145, 000. Back then their hit product were vaginal jade eggs which claimed to have “healing properties”.

To those of you wondering, the candle is made from geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed, so it basically smells like a combination of those but regardless of how it actually smells, the internet was already against the product. Maybe because it was sold out so quickly and they did not get order it? Who knows…