Rumour has it her first contemporary art show will open on January 18th at Galerie Sympa, in France.

New horizons seem to be opening for the princess of pop, Britney Spears.  The blonde US artist, who had great success during the 2000s, never stopped surprising us with her sometimes “wild” lifestyle. Nowadays, she seems to be more settled down and has found another way to express herself; painting. She even donated one of her creations for the victims of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

All this philanthropy has to lead somewhere, you’d think. Well, it looked like she was going to get exhibited at Galerie Sympa, in Figeac, France. The news was announced on Instagram, under the title “Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!!!” (Quite enthusiastic, huh?)

Those with a keen eye will realize the painting in the post is the same one Spears donated years back.

In a cruel twist of fate, her publicist denied this would happen (cry of disappointment from the audience). So, we’re sorry to be the ones with bad news, but this was all just a rumor, apparently. Or is it?

With only two days to go until the mysterious showing, one can only wait and see if there is in fact a Britney Spears art show on display in the South-Central of France. After all, someone has to be denying us the truth.

But there’s a silver lining for every cloud, they say. This news got us thinking and we’ve found what you were looking for: musicians who revealed the artist inside of them (through more than just music, of course). Painting, ok, we mean musicians who were actually very skilled painters.

1. Bob Dylan

We all know that Dylan got the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 for, according to the Swedish Academy, “creating new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

It looks like his talents are more varied than we’d thought. The now 78-year-old musician from Minnesota, USA, started drawing and painting in the 1960s, when he had a long recovery after a motorbike accident. What a way to kill time!

It was only until 1994 that his art came to light with the book Drawn Blank, where he showed some of his drawings and sketches.

2. Kim Gordon

The ex-Sonic Youth’s bass player is not just a badass girl; she’s also a quite renowned artist with several exhibitions on her résumé.

When she was in her twenties, she met art dealer Larry Gagosian, who helped her show her oeuvre to the world later on through exhibitions like “The Show Is Over”, “Design Office ‘Coming Soon’”and “Sprayed”. You can check out more of her artwork.

But Gordon is not just a musician and an artist. On top of all, she’s also launched a fashion line called “X-Girl” in 1993 and a limited edition one in 2008 called “Mirror/Dash”.

3. Ronnie Wood

My, what else does this guy have under his sleeve? This talented guitarist says that he’s “an artist of the visual kind first”, which shows when you take a look at one of his paintings.

The most enjoyable material to work with, according to Woods, is oils. He learned to use oils while painting in high school, but he also crafts his artwork with charcoal and pencil.

Want to dive into his art display? There’s not one, but two books: Rolling Stones’ Set Lists and Ronnie Wood: Artist. Otherwise, here you can take a short peep.

4. David Bowie

Of course, “The Chameleon of Rock” couldn’t be off of this list. Honoring one of his many aliases, not only did he make music, but his creative process was more holistic and featured photography, paintings, videos, and costume design.

You can actually take a look at this at the exhibition “David Bowie is…” at Brooklyn Museum in New York, USA.


Do you know of any other musicians who broke into the visual arts world? Let us know in the comments!