The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest day for football.

The Super Bowl has been the ultimate event that brings families and friends together to host great Sunday gatherings. Food, an open bar and one of the most prevalent events of the year on TV create a holiday-like atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

The NFL Super Bowl is for more than just football fans. While it sounds outlandish, the National Football League’s championship game has a little something for everyone.

This years game pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Fransisco 49ers. Down 10 in the final quarter of play, the Chiefs made a miraculous comeback to take the crown from the 49ers, who had the game all but wrapped up. With 21 unanswered points in the 4th, the Chiefs won 21-10, naming Patrick Mahomes as the Super Bowl MVP.

The half time shows feature some of the biggest stars, both present, and legends. This year we were graced with the magnificence of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Shakira y JLo en el medio tiempo del Super Bowl 2020 | Erizos

And still, there’s the cherry on top. The Super Bowl has the two best teams battling it out for ultimate supremacy, the halftime show enamors us with electrifying performances, but it’s the little breaks in between all the action that millions wait for every year.

Who would’ve thought that human-beings in the age of streaming, where ‘advertisement’ is considered a bad word, would not only watch but look forward to the ads that would air during the big game.

Even if you completely ignore the entire event, halftime show and all, you will still hear about the ads when you get to work on Monday. I kid you not, “Mate, have you seen that ad?” has been the first sentence I have been hearing when I arrive at work for the last 3 years.

It is not really a surprise though, the price of a 30 seconds long ad is around $5.6 million and to make the most out of it all companies come out with their guns blazing. They hire the biggest names they can find and come up with the funniest or the most interesting ads.

With FOX reporting that they had sold out their commercial inventory for the Super Bowl LIV around November, one could almost salivate in anticipation of what the marketing moguls had in store. With advertisements getting more and more creative every year, the expectations are rightfully high.

Of course, the big brands did not disappoint. If you missed the Super Bowl ads live, or want to relive the hilarity, we’ve listed the top 15 Super Bowl ads from this years big game. Let us know which one’s your favorite in the comments below!

1. Reese’s Take 5

If you had not heard about the following candy bar, you may consider its commercial offensive. Reese makes it quite clear that in order not to hear about their “next level delicious” snack, one must be living under a rock, among other places…

2. Doritos Cool Ranch with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot

Lil Nas X surely has been through quite a lot. It was obvious that he was destined for success after that whole controversy about his song “Old Town Road” was resolved.

Masses loved his touch on country music, and now he introduces a new way of Old West dueling, alongside Doritos! Don’t know if you would get into a dance-off for a pack of Doritos, but as a foreigner who does not have access to the Cool Ranch flavor, I sure would…

3. Cheetos Can’t Touch This with MC Hammer

If you are one of the elite bunch who prefer eating their Cheetos with chopsticks, the following commercial may confuse you. The ad covers a very niche situation that can only be understood by mothers and first-grade gamers.

Or you will be overcome with the sudden urge to go out and buy a pack of Cheetos and lick your fingers cleaner than when you started!

4. Google’s Loretta

There are many illnesses or viruses that freak us out. Even though we all try our best to enjoy our life, above all else, we are all scared of losing our loved ones and forgetting them.

Google’s commercial personally hit a little bit close to home for me. Millions could not hold their tears and Google just made us remember about our mortality in the warmest way possible.

5. Hyundai’s Smaht Pahk with John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch

Do you love driving around but hate parking? Join the club. The car companies have been trying their hardest to fix this parking problem. Park sensors, parking cameras and now a system that park for you!

You heard it right! Automatic parking is here.

6. Little Caesars’ Best Thing Since Sliced Bread with Rainn Wilson

The Office fans unite! In this ad, Little Caesars really shows their determination to make sliced bread a marvel of the past.

I believe that they can both co-exist unless we all decide on having pizza for breakfast every day. It sounds quite good actually…

7. Bud Light’s #PostyStore and #PostyBar

Normally making two commercials for the Super Bowl may be considered as overkill but if you manage to come up with two killer commercials, no one will bat an eye.

It is known that Post Malone loves Bud Light and his love is not one-sided. The following commercials let us take a glimpse into Post Malone’s brain and how he makes his decisions!

8. Michelob Ultra Becomes a Motivational Haven

Working out is hard, and it gets even harder if we lack the motivation and start questioning ourselves.

Jimmy Fallon is a human, like us, and goes through the same but luckily he finds the motivation he needs with Michelob Ultra!

9. Mountain Dew’s Zero Sugar with Bryan Cranston

Going the zero sugar route and achieving the same taste as the original seems to be the new rush these days.

Mountain Dew, on the other hand, believes that they may have even created a better taste and brings on Bryan Cranston for a new touch on The Shining to show it to the world!

10. Pringles Traps Rick and Morty

The best adventures of Rick and Morty are always the ones that they find themselves in out of nowhere.

In this short little adventure, Rick sees right through Morty but he finds out that it was already too late for them…

11. Life Before Alexa with Ellen Degeneres

Have you ever wondered what life was like before smart assistants? Well, the following commercial clearly shows us that we have been sort of developing our smart home assistants for centuries!

12. Jason Momoa’s New Home, Rocket Mortgage

We all stop sucking in our tummy when we get home and finally start enjoying being ourselves. Jason Momoa is just one of us as well and we get to see his rituals when he gets home in this brilliant commercial!

13. Tide Pods Time Dilemma with Charlie Day

Tide is back at it with their crossover commercials, which they successfully debuted with their ‘Every ad is a Tide ad’ campaign during Super Bowl 52.

When actually is later? Does time move faster for some of us? Charlie Day asks some important questions in the new Tide Pods commercial.

Regardless of the ad, you should probably keep salting the shirt you just spilled something onto!

14. Anthony Anderson’s Mom Loves T-Mobile

Being able to video call our loved ones from anywhere and anytime can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Anthony Anderson happens to go through both scenarios in the new T-Mobile commercial.

15. Toyota’s Highlander with Cobie Smulders

As much as I love small and compact cars, they may force you to leave your friends behind. Said friends will tell you that it is okay but in reality, they will be crushed inside.

Toyota says “no more!” to leaving others behind. Way to be a real one, Toyota.