There is no time to waste waiting for commercial flights

A weekend event dubbed Google Camp was spearheaded by the camp’s namesake founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to tackle pressing problems impacting our world today. Many notable names were in attendance at the invite-only affair. The three-day event centered on discussion about climate change and presumably, how to combat it.

We say supposedly because the actual event is a ‘secret’ and as such, exact details are a little sparse. Now, given the attendees included Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Prince Harry, and other reputable climate activists, it’s safe to assume that the purpose of the event was to fight climate change and not accelerate it.

So why then did they need 114 private jets, an assortment of luxury mega-yachts, and a myriad of Maserati SUV’s to escort them around the southern Italian host-town of Sicily? One would assume that the world’s most well-known climate activists would have the sense to understand the environmental impact just one private jet would have on the world. Even a 16-year-old knows how damaging air travel is i.e. Greta Thurnberg, the girl who plans to sail across the ocean to reach the UN Climate Summit.

Greta Thunberg
Come on Hollywood, even a 16-year-old knows better

Now, we aren’t saying that flying is evil, but a private jet is a little overkill. Private jets are estimated to create at least 9.57 kilograms of CO2 per gallon of jet fuel. With a fuel-efficient jet swallowing 237 gallons per hour, you can see why this is a problem.

Ok, fine, you’re all busy people who can’t wait be bothered flying with the rest of us peasants on scheduled delayed flights. At least jet-pool together, for the kid’s sakes. 200 attendees, 114 private jets, and 3 mega-yachts just doesn’t really scream “Save the Planet.” What else can you expect, when internet overlord Mark Zuckerberg is in attendance. We don’t know how, but we know he’s the reason behind all this. Maybe he disabled the WhatsApp group that was planning the group flights because they ‘forgot’ to add him? We know you’re listening to us, Mark.