When you truly care about someone, you’ll put it all on the line to save them. Even if they’re just a character you play on screen.

A loud cry was heard ‘round the world back in January. Not out of fear of the coronavirus, or in grief of the state of the world’s political climate; but because the much-anticipated Lizzie McGuire reboot had halted production. After just two episodes, the series’ showrunner Terri Minksy peaced out. Not much was said about the halt other than ‘creative differences,’ but on Friday, our speculation was finally addressed through an Instagram post from Lizzie (Hilary Duff) herself.

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Lizzie McGuire

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If you didn’t grow up watching the show, let me fill you in. Lizzie McGuire grew up with you, and you grew up with her. She didn’t skip the awkward phase like these kids nowadays, and you went through it together. Audiences were with her when she got her first bra, shared in her obsessive crush with Ethan Craft and drama with archenemy Kate, and cringed through those awkward conversations with her parents. Whether you were her age or a bit younger, you found a way to relate one way or another.

Like Lizzie, Hilary, and us, we’ve aged. We’re ~mature~. We no longer relate to these middle school shenanigans. We need a modern-day Lizzie that can’t find a job, drinks a whole bottle of wine at once, or even swipes right on Tinder. We need an icon!

Well, that’s what Hilary Duff wants for us, too. In her Instagram post, she said that by continuing this project under Disney, she’d be doing a disservice to her audience by “limiting the realities of a 30-year-old’s journey to live under the ceiling of a PG rating.” She went on to say “it’s important to me that just as her experiences as a preteen / teenager navigating life were authentic, her next chapters are equally as real and relatable.” (taken from her Instagram post). The purpose of this text post is to publicly request that Disney+ allow the show to continue its revival through Hulu—who Disney owns, of course—so that audiences can connect with Lizzie again through a higher rating.

This isn’t the only bump in the road for Disney+ programming, though. According to the NY Post, Disney removed the ‘Love, Simon’ spin-off series from their platform onto Hulu as they decided it wasn’t ‘family-friendly.’ The original film is a love story about a boy, Simon, who hasn’t yet come out as gay.

With Disney+ subscribers hailing from all backgrounds and age groups, they’re starting to seriously lack in the department of adult programs. Sure, it’s Disney, it’s supposed to be tailored to younger age groups. But what about the cult that is adult Disney fans, millennials who grew up with the network, or even tweens looking for a bit of diversity in their original content?

Disney+ can only hide behind their G and PG ratings for so long before their consumers start to demand more from the brand. Before they know it, more actors will start to speak up, people will boycott, and Hulu will look a hell of a lot more appealing all thanks to our queen, Hilary Duff.