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Sometimes, just sometimes, the geniuses at corporate get something right. “Like a great cosmic bowl of cereal, where there is the perfect amount of milk to cereal, things just happen that are meant to happen. And that’s why it’s called the Milky Way,” (Michael Scott, probably).

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To celebrate the 15th year anniversary of the cult-favorite The Office US (Sorry, Ricky), Dish, a satellite TV company, is looking for the ultimate fan to watch some 15 hours of The Office over nine days. That’s about 45 episodes in total, working out at just approximately five episodes each day. For most of The Office enthusiasts, over two hours of the series each day is a piece of cake. Most fans watch more than that on your average Tuesday.

Of course, there’ll be some things you need to do while watching. The chosen candidate will only need to complete a checklist tallying the number of familiar tropes that take place for the duration of each episode. For instance, there’s Stanley’s eye-rolling delight and Michael’s jokes that get everyone miserably quiet and confused.

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As the sponsor of it all, Dish will want to track your The Office marathons so the lucky winner will receive further instructions on how to proceed. You will also be expected to share your thoughts and reactions on social media. People already do that, with or without good reason these days, so this requirement is a measly one. It’s also a great way to virtually bond with all the other The Office fanatics out there, share your awesome experience and be a total show off (just be subtle about it).

So, how do you join? Well, for starters, this isn’t just another maniacally crafted prank by Jim, so you actually have a chance at the grand prize. To try your luck, all you need to do is fill out an online application, post a video submission, and express in 300 words why you’re the biggest The Office fan on the planet. That’s it. Oh, and you’ll have to reside in the home country of Dunder Mifflin, i.e. the United States of America.

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Aside from the coveted $1,000 cash prize to get you out of bankruptcy, the lucky participant will also get lots of The Office souvenirs, a Netflix gift card so that you can continue binging after your duties are done, and that awesome feeling that you’ve been chosen on something.

Dish’s offer ends on March 16 so submit your application, like right about now. If you get picked, not only would you manage to forget about your earthly woes through The Office’s amazing comedy, you’d also make yourself a thousand dollars heftier.

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