We wonder if the Party Planning Committee will be called in for this one?

If you’re in high school feeling overwhelmed with exams, book reports, peer pressure, and your crush liking someone else, prom may be just one of the few things that keeps you going. It’s every teenager’s biggest night and from what we’ve seen in dozens of teen movies, high school isn’t the same without it.

However, this year is characterized by cancelled or postponed events. Sports, concerts, world tours, cinematic releases, all gone. And yes, even the well-established high school tradition that is prom. So for those who have already prepared their outfits and decided how to do their hair, the party’s cancellation is upsetting, even more upsetting than when the dog ate your homework.

But hope is not lost, not with the internet it isn’t. Situations like this can be salvaged, especially if someone extra special is willing to do so. This is where this guy from the widely popular comedy series called The Office comes into the picture. Yes, we’re talking about John Krasinski – nice guy Jim Halpert turned formidable spy Jack Ryan who’s also been keeping people entertained recently with his YouTube channel, Some Good News.

Since high school students won’t be going to any proms this year, the actor decided to bring the party to everyone and their homes instead. As we’ve come to learn lately, Some Good News is all about spreading joy while everyone’s on lockdown, and what better way to cheer up bummed teenagers than organize a virtual prom with a beloved actor hosting and DJ-ing.

That’s not all – Krasinski promised to bring some friends with him, too. Previously, he had Steve Carell, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and, of course, wife Emily Blunt as guests. So who knows who he’ll bring this time (please let it be Indiana Jones). Moments like this you genuinely wish you were still in high school, but without the acne, of course.

As expected, high school students across the country received the news with ecstatic joy. A virtual prom hosted and DJ-ed by none other than Dwight’s nemesis himself is an unexpected replacement to the ones they missed out on enjoying. Partying from home is surely different from the real thing but Krasinki’s party is way, way better than no party at all.

The ongoing lock down and crisis generates feelings of inescapability sometimes. That’s why now more than ever, it helps to pay attention to little things. This may just be a teenage online party but things like this fosters happiness and comfort. It also reminds us that with our resilience and resourcefulness, we’ll all come out of this more grateful and optimistic than ever.