Looks like Robbin is still looking out for his city.

Every city needs a hero. Gotham has Batman, Central City has the Flash, and New York has Spider-Man. And it looks like Detroit has Eminem. Though three of these heroes actively fight against the crime and are active figments of our imagination, they all still share a certain trait. All of them are idols and none of them back down from a challenge.

The Detroit-born rapper recently showed that he was looking out for all the healthcare workers who are battling on the frontlines against the coronavirus in his own way. Eminem sent out spaghettis in containers that read “Mom’s Spaghetti”  with “Thank You Frontline Caregivers,” pasted on the back. It was truly the perfect way to reference his 2002 hit “Lose Yourself” which you may be familiar from the movie “8 Mile.”

Mom’s spaghetti is essentially a meme now since it’s one of the most remembered lines from Eminem’s song and was more than enough to put a smile on everyone who received it. Henry Ford Health System, one of the recipients, thanked Eminem for his gesture on Instagram

Eminem isn’t the only star that showed his gratitude for all the healthcare workers that are risking their lives on a daily basis.

In March, another Detroit born singer Lizzo showed her appreciation by sending out lunches to ER workers around the country with a message that read “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you’re doing during this pandemic, it’s definitely not easy, and you guys are putting yourselves on the front lines.”

Detroit Lions’ defensive end Trey Flowers also sent out a heartwarming message via Henry Ford Health System’s Instagram and thanked everyone for their efforts.

During times like this, keeping the spirit up is one of the most crucial things to do. Positive mental attitude brings positive results. Those in the frontlines may struggle to keep up their spirits since they see the worst of what’s going on and a little bit of appreciation may just give them the push to get through.

By showing gratitude and doing what we can, we can at least lighten the burden. Of course, not all of us can fly supplies to rural hospitals but even the smallest things matter. Living with #socialdistancing and following hygiene routines will snowball as we all channel our inner strength and finally beat this illness before we even know it.