Our favorite family is back in action, and that got us thinking…

Disney recently announced that their once hit cartoon, Proud Family, will be given the reboot. What has thus far been a non-discriminating wave of reboots to classic Disney films, Proud Family becomes one of the first Disney cartoons to be returning to living rooms.

If, for whatever ill-advised reason, you don’t know what Proud Family is, let us briefly explain. Proud Family is a cartoon about Penny Proud of the, you guessed it, Proud family. The show chronicles the life of the young cartoon 14-year old, as she navigates her pencil-sketched reality.

It is a true mid-2000’s cartoon, with simple comedy that the whole family can enjoy, along with some hard-hitting life lessons that apply in 2-D and multi-D life.

As unapologetically excited as we are about the recent reboot announcement, we couldn’t help but wonder what other cartoon classics could be making a glorious return? As the thoughts grew into elaborate day-dreams, we just couldn’t keep the ideas to ourselves.

Below is a list of some Disney classics we’d love to see make a return to our home-screens. We couldn’t help but reimagine what some of the new remakes might become. Let us know what you think, and share some of your own ideas in the comments below.

We would like to claim copyrights to all the following story ideas because, by golly, there’s something there. Give us a call. Disney. We’ll talk.

1. Kim Possible

Kim and Ron are married. Wade creates a secret formula that lets Rufus live longer than the average naked mole-rat. Dr. Drakken is now retired. Señor Senior, Junior, on the other hand, is still reeling from his fathers’ death and doesn’t know how to cope. He turns to evil and tries to steal the secret formula to avoid a similar fate as his fathers. Señor Senior, Junior arrives at the Stoppables house, there is no one home, or so he thinks. Inside is young June Stoppable and her twin brother, James Stoppable. They defeat the misguided Señor Senior, Junior, and show they have the prowess to be a crime fighting duo just like their parents. Of course, they know nothing of their parent’s adventurous past. The tweebs, Jim and Tim, become their new Wade. The ‘cool uncles’ help the young pair discretely fight the new super evil duo Señor Senior, Junior and Dr Drakken. Drakken reluctantly agree’s to mentor old Señor Senior, Junior but is still retired. We definitely claim copyrights to this idea, because it’s a zinger for sure. Hicka Bicka Boo, Boo Sha.

2. Fillmore

Fillmore’s now a cop, who has a knack for getting involved in investigations that are way above his pay-grade. He’s still in touch with his former partner Ingrid, although she’s moved on to be a spy for an undisclosed party. She is oftentimes the source of Fillmores leads, which get him involved in, and subsequentially help solve these big cases.

3. Recess

T.J and Spinelli stayed in their home town after getting married and settled into easy-going lives. Vince was scouted by an international team and went abroad to play basketball professionally, after college. Gretchen works for NASA and was the lead scientist on many high profile discoveries. Gus became a UN Global Peace Ambassador after coming to terms with the realities of warfare. Mickey is the biggest name of the bunch, becoming a multi-platinum recording artist. Slowly, the gang moves back into town, as they all settle down to have kids. They still keep in touch but are too busy to recreate the good ole days. It’s not until a chance meeting while at parent-teacher night do they all reunite as a whole for the first time since going their separate ways. While they see their kids all play together, T.J reminisces about a time when his biggest worry was what he’d play during recess. This leads to the whole gang somberly gazing out the window till none other than T.J comes up with a crazy idea. The show then follows the gang as they struggle to balance their adult lives with their youthful souls. I wonder what shape New Old Rustys in these days?

4. The Weekenders

Heyy Yaga Ho. The show picks up with the characters entering their early 20’s. Tino is contemplating undertaking a Masters in Biology, Tish just finished a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science but is overqualified to find a job, Lor is considering dropping out after sustaining a season-ending injury that takes her off the school team, and Carver is working full-time at the Chug-A-Freeze, hoping to one day buy it out. The kids who once stressed about being 12, which is almost 13, which is two years away from being halfway to 30 are now entering the real world. It’s not the same pretty world they’re used to, but at least there’s still the weekend to look forward to, if they can make time for it.

5. Lloyd in Space

Lloyd was never given a fair chance at becoming an icon. This show had a lot of promise and deserves a second chance. We’re sure there’s still a lot left to discover, especially when you consider his backyard is the whole fricken universe.

6. American Dragon: Jake Long

Will there ever be a time as good as now to reintroduce a show about a Chinese dragon, who’s actually a human, who fights totalitarian governments, we mean, fights evil dudes… In all seriousness, this show would be a fantastic representation of Asian culture in an industry accused of underrepresenting said community. It would also become a symbol if done properly.

7. The Replacements

Who would we be hurting by bringing this show back for one more season? If you think about it, this show really taught kids to appreciate everyone for who they are, because no one is perfect. And sure, they already covered a lot of jobs, but that’s what’s so great about a show going away for so long. It gives us time to create new jobs to be replaced by totally unqualified individuals. Imagine an episode where they replace the President of the United States with a billionaire businessman? How entertaining would that be?

8. Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Not many people remember the T.V. show version of this hit movie, but it was almost better than the actual movie. These are the types of shows that kids are missing these days. And if we’re to be brutally honest, we’d much rather have a reboot of the cartoon than a live-action remake with an attempt to recreate a Stitch that doesn’t haunt our dreams.

9. The Emperors New School

Okay, yes, technically this was a prequel to the movie, so a reboot may not make a lot of sense. We just can’t help but want at least one more season of nonchalant humor and satirical portrayals of cliche cartoon bits.

10. House of Mouse

Disney is already reimagining everyone in the House, so at this point, we might as well just bring back the whole show.

11. Proud Family

As a little bonus, since we’re displaying all the classic intro’s, we thought we’d remind you who sang the original intro for the Proud Family.

Just think, if all these other shows get a reboot, there’s a chance for another cross-over episode. Who wouldn’t love another cross-over of Proud Family and Lilo and Stitch? Maybe this time have some aliens attack Third Street elementary, where the Stoppables are put on the mission to stop the ravaging aliens, but it actually ends up being lost aliens looking for Stitch. Throw the Proud Family in as they travel across the States on a road trip, for good measure. Cue the dance-off to save the world. It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!