Another day, another nostalgic reunion from one of our favorite childhood shows.

A few months ago after Disney+ was released, we were teased with the news that Lizzie McGuire would be returning for a highly requested comeback featuring Lizzie navigating life as a 30-year-old.

As many fans know, however, the show was put on a hiatus until everyone could agree on the type of storylines the show would include and if it had to be moved to another streaming platform to do so. Until then, we must continue to utilize the beauty of technology.

Just because new content can’t be put out doesn’t mean old content can’t be revisited. On Monday evening, Hillary Duff shared a video on her IGTV of the series’ cast gathered together via Zoom to hold a table reading for one of their most iconic episodes: ‘Between a Rock and a Bra Place.’

This 44 minute video includes Hilary (Lizzie) alongside her best friends Miranda (Lalaine) and Gordo (Adam Lamberg) and her loving family, brother Matt (Jake Thomas), and parents, Sam (Robert Carradine) and Jo (Hallie Todd).

Of course, no episode of Lizzie McGuire would be complete without sworn enemy Kate (Ashlie Brillault) and her best friend/side-kick, Claire (Davida Williams). To round off the cast, nerd-favorite Larry (Kyle J. Downes) jumps in on the fun, but reads for another part, while the extra lines are handled by the shows original writers.

Obviously they kicked everything off by singing the theme song together. But before that, the writers shared a bit about how the episode could get the chance to be made. Believe it or not, bras and Disney Channel weren’t two things you would ever think to put together—and it wasn’t easy.

If you’ve never seen this episode, it basically gained popularity due to it’s portrayal of a very personal storyline in a young girls life—buying their first bra. Whether or not they chose to air this storyline was an important decision to be made by Disney, who thrive on maintaining a family-friendly image. In this zoom reunion, the writers spilled some tea on how they were able to get their story aired.

“It was sort of a thing like, can we write about bras on the Disney Channel?” explained Nana Bargiel, a former writer for the show. She said as long as they included a ‘boy’s story’ along side it, it might be okay. Her brother Jeremy, also a writer for the show, said Disney approached the bra storyline with raised eyebrows.

“[They said] you can say the word twice, you can’t ever show one, [etc.] It was definitely something they thought would just go away, which was just the wrong approach for us.”

Who would have thought that a surprise reunion would turn into a mini behind-the-scenes insight into one of Disney’s most memorable episodes? After watching this table read, it’s hard to imagine Lizzie McGuire without the bra episode. Not only because it’s hilariously awkward, but it’s one of Disney’s rare successful attempts at being ‘woke’ (very minimally, but still.)