The Office, Season 6, Episodes 4 and 5. If you know, you know.

If not, it’s the episode all Jim and Pam stans had longed for: their wedding. However, if you watch The Office then you’re aware that it couldn’t just be your average wedding.

For those of you in the dark, I’m referring to the famous dance sequence down the aisle to the timeless classic Forever by Chris Brown. This hilarious yet beautiful scene of the bridal party mixed with Office cast members making their way down the chapel aisle left an impact on fans of the show, leaving them eager to recreate this same scene for their own weddings. Before this could happen, of course, it was only right to recreate the proposal as well.

Maryland residents and Office super-fans John and Susan had a surprise zoom call from John Krasinski on Sunday, making an appearance on his YouTube series Some Good News (SGN). His segment called ‘Love in the Time of Quarantine’ includes clips from all around the world showing special moments of love and togetherness between family or friends. One of the clips shown happened to be John’s proposal to Susan, which appropriately was a recreation of Krasinski’s character Jim proposing to Pam at a gas station in season 5.

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Krasinski revealed on the call that he conveniently had just been ordained as a minister online, offering to marry them on the spot. “I’m able to attend [the wedding], but only if we do it right now.” But, of course, not without family and friends present.

One by one, Krasinski surprised them on the call with both of their parents, a bridesmaid, Zac Brown to provide music, and his former on-screen partner Jenna Fisher. Brown performed a new song called ‘The Man Who Loves You The Most’, the couple exchanged vows, and sealed it with a kiss. This couldn’t be their only surprise, of course. Little did they know the entire Office cast was waiting to congratulate the happy couple the only way they know how.

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Just like the iconic wedding episode, Forever by Chris Brown began to play as each cast member from Michael Scott to Phyllis joined the call, dancing in their homes the same way they did in the episode. “Since you so elegantly ripped off our show for your proposal, I feel like it’s only fitting that you rip off the wedding too,” Krasinski joked.

He finished the video by telling the couple they represent all the beautiful couples in the world going through the exact same situation right now, and wanted to bring happiness not only to them, but to everyone else watching. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

If this brief reunion put you in your Office feels, check this out. A group of pranksters called MSCHF, who are known for pulling harmless pranks online, have taken to the website Slack to recreate Office episodes in an unusual way.

If you’re unfamiliar with Slack, you’re not alone. It’s a website usually utilized by businesses to make communication flow more effectively. Think of it as an instant messenger for coworkers. So, why Slack? MSCHF says why not.

“It’s always fun to use Slack in a way it’s not intended for,” says Samantha Thompson, who runs communications at MSCHF. “We are recreating all 201 episodes of ‘The Office’, and yes we went through every episode by hand and rewrote them to make sense in Slack.”

This opportunity is open to anyone who wants to sign on and watch the episodes play out via messenger, and their hours are from 9am to 5pm EST like any other office. Sadly, Jim, a.k.a. John Krasinski, probably won’t officiate your wedding, but at least the Slack chat gives you somewhat of a personal Office experience. It sure beats your actual office Slack.